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Ten great reasons to plan your professional event in Corsica

Are you an events organiser looking to offer the right solution to meet your clients’ requirements?

As an island with a huge amount to offer in this segment, Corsica can meet the most exacting of specifications. Offering proximity, accessibility, safety and a change of scenery - this perfect combination will ensure you find the sweet spot between professionalism and escape when planning your events.

Discover these ten great reasons to plan your professional event in Corsica!

Discover these ten great reasons to plan your professional event in Corsica!


1. The perfect geographical location

Sitting 170 and 80 kilometres from the shores of mainland France and Italy respectively, and in close proximity to Europe’s main tourist markets, Corsica enjoys the perfect location at the heart of the Mediterranean basin. And it’s easy to get to from mainland airports, with travel time of only an hour and a half from Paris, an hour from Lyon, 45 minutes from Nice and 50 minutes from Marseille. In fact, you can get to Corsica in under 2 hours from all major European capitals.


2. Optimal accessibility all year round

Accessible all year round by air and by sea, the island has 4 international airports offering direct flight routes to and from Marseille, Nice, Paris Orly and Lyon, operated by Air France or regional airline Air Corsica. These many air links with the international Hubs provide access from all major European cities. Many international flights also boost visitor numbers in season with travellers arriving from the UK, Scandinavia, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

Five seaports link the island to mainland France (at Nice, Toulon and Marseille) and to Italy making it possible to get to Corsica by high calibre ocean liner. Some of these are equipped for business meetings, meaning it’s possible to combine the pleasure of a crossing with a work session or two.


3. High quality accommodation and original sites

Hotel facilities have been considerably modernised in recent years, in terms of both developed capacity and quality upgrades facilitating the organisation of all types of professional events. The island has 20 5 star hotels, 56 4 star hotels and 192 3 star hotels. See the full range of accommodation at:

Substantial dedicated infrastructure offers places for meeting all year round, with the Palais des congrès d’Ajaccio [Ajaccio Conference Centre] having the greatest capacity with an auditorium seating 434.

Corsica’s uniqueness is also in offering unspoilt spaces, the chance to sleep under the stars at high end sites in perfect osmosis with nature or in a sheepfold between sea and scrub while still having access to meeting room facilities. Historic sites and old penitentiaries converted into events venues can also host groups in unordinary settings for dinners and gala evenings, just as old churches can welcome visitors for corporate events. And convents too are opening their doors to these clients who come for seminars, gala evenings and weddings as well as photo and film shoots. Furthermore, some museums offer exhibition rooms and courtyards for private receptions and gala events that can be converted based on needs, while gardens and parks filled with Mediterranean scents offer seminar room rental for cultural and corporate events and for receptions.

The possibilities are endless!


4. Professionalism of the island’s events sector recognised

The professionalism of local operators has been recognised by MICE agencies working closely with the island, and also by corporate sponsors. The latter have demonstrated real know-how in the organisation of all types of professional events.

Receptive agencies, are again also showing their versatility and will be able to organise and manage your events. They are supported by health and client protection measures in the organisation of transfers, events and activities with the disinfection of facilities and equipment during working sessions and social distancing mandatory. With these in place, the hospitality industry with its awareness heightened by the Safe Corsica mark, is your must have partner.

For more information please contact:


5. A guaranteed change of scenery

Combining crystalline waters and fragrant scrub, hills and mountains and the villages on their slopes, Corsica - known to many as the mountain in the sea - can offer landscapes of breathtaking contrast and protected natural spaces that will guarantee your clients a complete change of scene. Wide open spaces cam offer an interesting alternative to outdoor gatherings ensuring optimum safety conditions.


6. The sea and the mountains

Blessed with terrain that’s particularly well suited to incentive provision, Corsica is a real paradise for sporting and outdoor activities. Programmes combine work sessions with leisure activities, guaranteeing participants excitement and adrenaline.


7. Warm and pleasant weather

Renowned for the climate that makes it such a great place to live, the island’s warm and pleasant weather throughout much of the year makes a wide range of business tourism activities possible, bolstered by the island’s strong identity in which culture and tradition remain very much visible.


8. Delicious gastronomy

Comprising a plethora of local produce complemented with excellent wines, the richness of Corsican gastronomy makes the island even more alluring, ensuring, as it does, sharing and conviviality.

The environmental charter for good practices in the MICE sector, produced in collaboration with industry professionals, encourages visits to local organic producers (vineyards, cheese makers, farmers, beekeepers, olive growers and producers of essential oils) and the preparation of “spuntinu” (picnics) using local produce.


9. A strong identity and a very marked cultural heritage

Should you wish to incorporate a cultural element into your professional events, the island’s many monuments, sites, churches and chapels bear witness, across the terrain, to its history, culture and religious devotion and cannot fail to interest your clients. And the island’s living culture, expressed in its voices, music and fine craftmanship, is another valuable asset which can make all the difference.


10. A mark offering your clients reassurance on matters of health: Safe Corsica


The island is doing everything it can to comply with national health measures to ensure that professional meetings and events are organised in full safety.


The Corsican Tourism Agency, for its part, is involved in a number of initiatives aimed at regaining the confidence of clients affected by the COVID crisis. A significant amount of work has been done by industry professionals to implement health protocols in collaboration with various government departments (DIRECCTE) and test sites have made it possible to approve procedures and facilitate their correct execution. To highlight these efforts to provide reassurance on health matters by tourism professionals, in particular hotels, cafes and restaurants, tour operators, the outdoor accommodation sector and the outdoor activities sector, the Corsican Tourism Agency (ATC) has created the “SAFE CORSICA” mark to embody the values of safety, confidence and island sanctuary, which can be displayed by industry operators who commit to its rules of use.


The Corsica Convention Bureau - your partner and facilitator when planning your professional events in Corsica

More than ever before, the Corsican Tourism Agency’s Convention Bureau and its partners will be happy to advice, assist and support you in planning your events. Our specialist service providers have location-specific knowledge and can offer you bespoke programmes that combine business and pleasure to help you make your event a success.


“A prestu ind’a nostra Isula” - See you soon in Corsican! 

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