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Eastern Corsica - Corsica Urientale

A territory between sea and mountain

Eastern Corsica is a territory that extends from sea to mountain. Located on the Eastern coast of Corsica as its name indicates, it consists of two Communities of Communes, the region of Fium’Orbu Castellu and the region of the Oriente.


A rich agricultural land

The territory of the Oriente is primarily an agricultural and aqua-cultural land with the cultivation of citrus fruits, and grapevines or shellfish aquaculture for mussels and oysters, among others. The two ponds located in Oriente, Urbino and Diana produce molluscs of a quality renowned in all of France and beyond. Cultivation of the IGP Corsican clementine, pomelos or kiwi fruits make the Oriente region one that exports its products beyond our borders. Grapevines are also very much a presence in the region both in the Oriente and in the Fium’Orbu Castellu, enjoying a solid reputation for the quality of its organic product in particular.


From ancient sites to the villages of Eastern Corsica, a built heritage to discover

The Oriente is also a territory rich in history, because the city of Aleria, formerly known as Alalia, capital of Roman Corsica is celebrated for its museum and its ancient site where vestiges of objects from everyday life, weapons, Etruscan pottery and coins have been found.

Then in the mountains, the villages of Tallone, Zuani or Moita where treasures of religious architecture have been preserved, like the Church of Saint Césaire in Tallone and its Roman chapel dating from the seventeenth century. For those of you who are athletic, there are a great many hiking trails and ancient mule trails that have been restored to preserve the cultural heritage of the villages.


Land of activities for active holidays ... and accommodation for all tastes

As for the Fium’Orbu Castellu region, it extends as far as Ghisonaccia and its beaches as far as the eye can see to Ventiseri, to the perched villages like Isulacciu di Fium’Orbu, known for its thermal establishment of Pietrapola-Les-Bains, a certified thermal centre. Here treatments are done using hyper thermal sodium sulphide water, whose surface temperature is 56°C, or San Gavinu di Fium’Orbu and its famous Bughja Cascade where you’ll find a good picnic and Ghisoni and its ski station up to Vezzani which is celebrated for its festival of wood, “A Fiera di u Legnu” which takes place every year in July.


The region of Fium’Orbu Castellu, a wooded territory crisscrossed by rivers is ideal for active family vacationsOutdoor activities, snowshoeing, treetop adventure course, a multitude of activities and multiple options for lodging: standard in vacation residence or campgrounds, or the unexpected with cabanas in the trees or vacation rentals with the locals.


Eastern Corsica is also the choice for ecoresponsible vacations, for tourism that is considerate and respectful of the environment. In fact, a wide selection of activities and actions that promote the environment are available to you: bike rides, canyoning, a stay in a host home, camping or vacation homes that are certified or labelled ecoresponsible.


Etang de Diana ©ATC Etang de Diana ©ATC


Fort d'Aleria ©ATC Fort d'Aleria ©ATC


Site antique Aleria ©ATC Site antique Aleria ©ATC


Vue sur la Plaine ©Corse Orientale Vue sur la Plaine ©Corse Orientale


Foret de Pinia ©Corse Orientale Foret de Pinia ©Corse Orientale


Rafting ©Corse Orientale Rafting ©Corse Orientale


Promenade en vélo ©Corse Orientale Promenade en vélo ©Corse Orientale


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Whether you are with friends, alone, as a family or as a couple, Corsica offers you a multitude of visits or activities to enjoy all year round. Get inspired by our “Best Of” of the must-sees in Eastern Corsica:

Must-sees : 

The Aleria Museum and its ancient site

The coastal pine forest of the Pinia forest

The Plain from the perched village of Prunelli di Fium’Orbu

Clementine plantations

The vines as far as the eye can see


Must-do :

An experience in an unusual and / or eco-responsible lodging

 A visit to typical villages of the region

Amazing creative and natural tours

Bike rides for an active and responsible holiday

A spa day by the water

Tree climbing

Discover other activities

Taste : 

Oysters and mussels from the ponds of Diana and Urbino

The wine of the region

Citrus fruits and fruits, Corsican clementine, grapefruit, lemon caviar, kiwi…

Gourmet products from farmers in the region


Discover the websites of the Territory's Tourist Offices: : 

Ecotourism site in eastern Corsica

Fium'Orbu Tourist Office website



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