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La Castagniccia Mare e Monti

A land, a culture, people and traditions


A territory between sea and mountain

The Castagniccia Mare e Monti includes two Communities of Communes: Costa Verde and Castagniccia Casinca. As its name indicates, this is an extended territory that has a coastal façade (sea) of 26 km and around fifteen sandy beaches, very easy to access and offering nautical activities with gentle mobility. This is also a mountainous area (monti) loaded with history, rich with an exceptional building patrimony.


© OT Castagniccia Penta di Casinca © OT Castagniccia Penta di Casinca


©OT Castagniccia San Petrone ©OT Castagniccia San Petrone


©OT Castagniccia cascade de la Struccia ©OT Castagniccia cascade de la Struccia


© OT Castagniccia cathédrale Cervione © OT Castagniccia cathédrale Cervione


A rich built heritage, typical villages and activities to be enjoyed all year round


Costa Verde has many perfectly preserved buildings, as well as an ethnographic museum about the traditional life of the ancient people who lived in the village of Cervione: the Anto Dumenicu Monti museum has 14 rooms of art and popular traditions. In the village you can also discover the Saint François Convent dating from the sixteenth century. Cross through Novale and visit its church dating from the eighteenth century and its interior décor, works from the painter Gherardi. 


You can also discover the villages of OrtalePiazzali or even Velone Orneto and admire the views from the plain and the Tuscan archipelago, side streets loaded with history, ancient mansions, stone fountains or vestiges of a water mill. Wander a bit around the famous Mare a Mare Nord (North) which is not far from there. Stop in front of the Alesani Convent, an emblematic place in the history of Corsica because Theodore de Neuhoff was crowned king there in 1736.


You can also discover the villages of Castagniccia CasincaCampana is located at the foot of San Pedrone and its authentic washhouse, Castellare di Casinca village founded in medieval times, Penta di Casinca, a land of history and tradition classed as a “Picturesque Site in the Department of Corsica”. In this veritable eagle’s nest, perched at 400 m altitude, you’ll discover some splendid stone houses covered in stone roofing. Here you will discover a superb panorama of the plain all the way to Bastia as well as the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Pie d'Orezza is celebrated for its panoramic view onto the valley of Orezza and onto San Pedrone. Two churches are waiting for your visit: Saint Antoine in the heart of the village and Saint Roch in the hamlet of Campodonico. Further down the village, a Roman chapel from the twelfth century where some of its frescoes have been restored.


© OT Castagniccia vue de Cervione © OT Castagniccia vue de Cervione


OT Castagniccia eaux d'Orezza OT Castagniccia eaux d'Orezza
OT Castagniccia noisettes de Cervione OT Castagniccia noisettes de Cervione



OT Castagniccia Couvent Orezza OT Castagniccia Couvent Orezza

Whether you are with friends, alone, as a family or as a couple, Corsica offers you a multitude of visits or activities to enjoy all year round. Get inspired by our “Best Of” of the unmissable places in Castagniccia Mare e Monti:

Must-sees :

The Anton Dumenicu Monti Ethnographic Museum: in Cervioni, in the heart of the village.

A Cappella Santa Cristina: located in the municipality of Valle di Campoloro, classified as a Historic Monument.

The port of Taverna: An obligatory stopover in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The only port between Bastia and Solenzara.

Galea Park: Nine hectares of multimedia museums, exhibition galleries, screening rooms and landscaped gardens. Discover our experience at the Park

Natura 2000 sites: the Natura 2000 network is a set of European, terrestrial and marine natural sites, identified for the rarity or fragility of wildlife, animal or plant species, and their habitats; Like the chestnut groves and streams of Poghju Marinacciu, the San Petrone massif in Castagniccia or the dunes of Prunete Canniccia in the municipality of Cervioni.

Must-do : 

A short hike to the Scupiccia plateau (750m): a remarkable site.

An exit to the Struccia waterfall: from the church of the village of Carchetu è Brusticu.

A hike to Mount San Petrone: the highest peak in the Castagniccia mountain range.

The walk "U Ponte di l'Infernu & Fiuminale": departure from Velone and Ornetu.

A getaway to the Ucelluline waterfall: on the border of the villages of Santa Maria di u Poghju and San Niculaiu.


Taste : 

The Cervioni hazelnut, the Corsican chestnut in all its forms, the natural sparkling mineral water from Orezza. .


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