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The Corsican Centre- Centru di Corsica

The heart of the island

The Corsica Centre is a very broad territory that goes from the region of Venacais to Cortenais passing through the Boziu and the Niolu. It includes two Communities of Communes: Corsica Centre and Pasquale Paoli which is the most important CC in Corsica.


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 © OT Pasquale Paoli Morosaglia © OT Pasquale Paoli Morosaglia

This is a land full of history, with, in particular Corteancient historical capital of Corsica, its Citadel, its University and its Museum of Anthropology. The villages of Boziu cradle of Corsican singing known as “A Paghjella” and Alandu, the natal village of Sambucciu who led the first revolt against the lords in 1358. In the Boziu, the route des Chapelles will help you discover the little Roman chapels that are scattered about this beautiful wild region. Push open their doors, they hide precious frescoes whose vibrant colours will enchant you, especially the one at San Niculau in Sermanu. Meet in Santa Lucia de Mercuriu to discover the “A Memoria” Ecomuseum devoted to the region’s history.


The verdant mountains of Boziu will surprise you with their wild appearance, a scrubland that is often impenetrable. There are a great many small, isolated villages, perched on the heights, and connected only by narrow paths. Get as far as the Niolu, which can be reached by a sinuous route called the “A Scala di Santa Regina”, a land of traditions and legends that lives in the heart of the highest summits of the island: the Monte Cintu culminating at 2710 metres, Capu Tafunatu and the majestic Paglia Orba, the queen of Corsican mountains. Ninu Lake, with its “pozzines” and horses running free.


© OT Pasquale Paoli Couvent Saint François  © OT Pasquale Paoli Couvent Saint François


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Corsica Centre is also a high point for island gastronomy with its sheep or goat cheeses like Venachese and Niulincu. The canton of Venaco located in the centre of the island, in the heart of the Corsica Natural Regional Park, has always been at the centre of the traditional transhumance routes where herds were led to pastures in summer and brought back, in autumn, towards the eastern plain of Aléria. Herdsmen are acknowledged as the lords of this region and from time immemorial, their cheeses have enjoyed a well-earned reputation, in Corsica and beyond.


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At the foot of the highest summits of the island, the Corsica Centre is the starting point for all excursions: hikes, contemplative strolls, family walks. A great many mountain activities are available and supervised by professionals: trails from Mare a Mare NordVia Ferrata, canyoning, treetop adventure course, rock climbing, hiking around Melu, Capitellu or Crenu lakes. The Gorges de la Restonica which form natural pools are greatly appreciated in summer during hot weather.

Among the festivities, we note A Santa di U Niolu which for 3 days celebrates the Virgin Mary (early September) in the village of Casamaccioli, in the region of NioluA Fiera di u Casgiu in Venaco, an incontestable meeting point for producers - consumers, lovers and enthusiasts of Corsican cheeses. The fair is traditionally held in May.


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Whether you’re traveling with friends, by yourself, with your family or as a couple, Corsica offers you a multitude of visits and activities to enjoy all year long. Get inspired with our “Best Of” the unmissable features of Central Corsica:

Must-sees : 

The  Museumof Corsica  inCorte, the Citadel in Corte, the Forest of Vizzavona, the little villages inVenacais, the  Departmental Museum ofMorosaglia , theSan Martinu Chapel in Erbaghjolu, the Saint François Convent in Morosaglia,the  San Tumasgiu church inCastellu di Rustinu  and much more


Must-do : (surround yourself with professionals for greater safety)

Go canyoning in thesurrounding rivers

Foot hiking towards the lakesof Melu and Capitellu 

Discoverthe valley of Tavignanu or Fortin de Pasciolu in Vivario

Diveinto the Valley of the Restonica or in the Tavignanu

Canyoningin the Petit Vechju, in the Verghellu, or in the Tavignanu

Rock climbing in the RestonicaValley, in the Tavignanu Valley, and in the Verghellu Valley

Treetop adventure course inVizzavona

Hikingon horseback

Take a tour in a helicopter

AllTerrain Biking or Electrical Assistance Biking

Mountain activities(cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain climbing) 

Guided tours on foot or bysmall train 

Listento a concert of Corsican songs in a church

Visit the Moltifao Turtle Village


Sample the tastes of our island: 

Specialties of the region made with fresh cheese like Migliacci, falculelle, sweet or savoury fritters, torta cortenaise


Consult the websites of the Offices of Tourism of the Corsica Centre: 

Corte Tourism Office Website

Pasquale Paoli Tourism Office Website






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