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The Sartenais Valinco Taravo - Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

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The Original Corsica

The inland region is rich in historic sites and curiosities and is really full of life. Between two freshwater or seawater baths, dozens of activities are available to you: rock climbing, river fishing, equestrian hiking, excursions. Don’t forget that the region is also the start point for two hiking paths: the Mare a Mare Sud (South) and the Mare e Monti Sud.


Focus on Propriano: Seaside city at the heart of the gulf of Valinco, a gulf so deep and calm that it seems like a lake. 


This small region is the territory at the origins of Corsica, with a great many prehistoric sites as well as the ruins of castles dating from the times of the Lords. 

must-sees :

Encountering cultures

The Sartenais, Valinco, and Taravo contain historical vestiges that are counted among the most important tourist sites of the island. From the discovery of the surprising dolmens and menhirs in Filitosa to the visit to the Museum of Sartène, bond with history and discover this land in a new light! Take the time to visit the Campomoro Tower, built in 1583, and located in a vast preserved site where the wild coast offers lots of little coves and inlets.

The market town of Olmeto, where you can see the house of Colomba Bartoli and Fozzano, the village where the terrible vendetta was set off that inspired Prosper Mérimée for “Colomba”. Finally, in Foce which has a very impressive fortified house, the belvedere will offer you an exceptional panorama onto the Gulf of Valinco. A little further away, push on until you get to Santa Maria where you will discover, between the olive trees, the Roman church of Annunziata.


get moving :

Dive in the deep blue

It is impossible not to give in to the many nautical leisure activities that the exceptional marine environment offers you in Sartenais Valinco Taravo. In the field water sports, you’ll find sailing, canyoning, walks by the sea, and scuba diving, to name a few. There are as many moments of pure pleasure to be shared in southern Corsica, with family or friends.

Unique sensations in undisturbed nature

You’ll find the trendiest natural activities: horseback riding, hiking, walking, on the most unexpected paths: GR20, canyoning, quad, so many sensations that will give you an unforgettable time in Corsica.



Give in to the simple, real pleasures

Give in to the pleasures of Corsican gastronomy that find their expression in the treasures of the land. Wander around the markets in Propriano and taste the wines from our own local producers. Taste the many pressings of olive oil in the many mills in the region. Taste the brucciu, the local pastries, the pulenta and of course, all the products from the sea.


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