By Johanna the 15/06/2020

Western Corsica - Spelunca Liamone

An unusual, wild territory, between earth and sea

Some of the emblematic places in this territory are the natural reserve in Scandola, registered with the UNESCO World Heritage, the village of Porto and its square tower, Cargèse and its two churches facing each other, one Catholic and the other Orthodox, the forest of Aïtone and the village of Evisa, Renno and its celebrated "Tumbera" or even Murzo and its festival of honey. 


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At the edge of its red granite cliffs, anyone who sees the purple sun sink at night into the navy-blue waters of the gulf, cannot always find the words to describe his enchantment. And who wouldn’t count on the Girolata peninsula, a peninsula at the end of the world, and its set-back village of the same name, to help them recover their emotions… With its steep cliffs, sharp peaks and the eagles that melt into the fossilised lava flows towards the fish in the turquoise sea, Scandola, to just beyond Girolata, seems to plunge into a solitude full of dignity and mysterious graces.


© ATC Scandola © ATC Scandola


As for the coves of Piana, located at the southern point of the gulf of Porto, also stir up strong emotions, even to the most blasé of persons. The mountain, which seems to throw itself into the golf of Porto in a chaos like the end of the world, and here it is particularly spectacular and convulsive. These granite peaks absolutely must be seen as they play with the sun and become at turns orange and purple depending on the time of day.

Cargèse and its churches also deserve a visit, as well as Sagone and its immaculate beaches and so many others…As in most regions of Corsica, the landscapes of the coasts of the West are only one part of its appeal.


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Inside the lands, this territory houses majestic forests: here, Aïtone and its immense Laricci pines; there, its lakes and gorges, or the Scandola natural reserve, the only one in Europe that is both maritime and terrestrial at the same time.


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And all over there is an infinite variety of mountainside villages, including Ota, the starting point for a trail that leads to the spectacular gorges of the Spelunca. Between sea and mountain, the country of Porto has long been at home in this enclave and so has kept its art of living and customs intact. For this reason, among others, do not hesitate to get deeper into the heart of the island. Here you’ll meet native Corsicans and some visual titbits like Tafunatu, the Monte Cinto or the lakes of Nino and Creno, for example.




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