By Johanna the 16/01/2019

Cycle through the vineyards of Patrimonio

An unusual ride on an electric bike to discover the landscapes of Nebbiu

You can go a few years without cycling – but you never forget how to do it. This is what I’ll double check this morning by hiring my first electric bike!

After some adjustments, tips and explanations on the electrical assistance, I set off for my two-hour ride.

My first turns of the wheel are in front of the harbour in Saint-Florent where the fishermen are busy, then on to the famous Place des Portes where people wander and play ball games, before finally reaching the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral well away from the hustle and bustle.

From here the landscape changes: the town gives way to the low maquis, and ‘casettes’ (stone houses) and vineyards cohabit in harmony.

The slope is becoming steeper… so I choose to use the electrical power. What a joy! Even when pedalling, the effort is quite bearable for an unsporty type like me.

The route takes me on dirt roads into the middle of Corsican vines; amazing when you consider the work done to achieve this level of excellence. Here the grapes are harvested for the greatest wines of the island.

At the end of the vineyards, I take the road that winds towards a remarkable view: in the foreground the vineyards, in the background Saint-Florent. Here I allow myself a refreshing break in the shade of a fountain.

The descent to the town is unassisted; and with energy I didn’t know I had, I dropped into a higher gear.

So – whether you’re sporty or not, the electric bike is excellent for both health and morale.






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