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Cycle tourism in Corsica

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Nature everywhere: to the delight of cyclists.

Do you love cycling, mountain biking or electric bikes? Corsica has a wide range on offer for this type of visitor. The roads are surrounded by sublime landscapes whose beauty is always greater at each turn, and you can enjoy the views by the sea or in the mountains with the wind in your hair.

For mountain-bike lovers in particular, there are many routes that connect two villages through unspoilt nature. City dwellers are also well catered for: cycle paths are available in major cities, where cycling can be a simple and efficient means of transportation.

Many bike rental services are available across the island, including for VAE (electric bikes) – such as APPeBIKE. This Ajaccian company offers an app to make renting your bike even easier, from all over the island.



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If you want to travel accompanied, you can team up with a professional cyclist, who will ensure you have an unforgettable experience along unusual routes in a wild and unspoiled landscapes.

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Some must-see spots :

-          The Roccapina coastal track:

Allow around two hours for this 14-kilometre route, taking you through maquised paths sometimes leading to the beach with breathtaking views, including the Cala di Roccapina topped with its lion.

-          The Figari dam :

A 15-kilometre route taking around 90 minutes. Enjoy this easy run, at relatively low altitude. Ideal for a smooth recovery or reintroduction to the sport.

-          Solenzara-Solaro :

A challenging route for more experienced riders: 28km, taking around four hours. Climb to Solaro from Solenzara on the asphalt. Shortly after the fountain, enter the area of ​​the Natural Park and follow the trail, with significant elevation and a mixed terrain of sand, rock and gravel.

-         Ile-Rousse - Réginu Valley

Enjoy a mountain biking trail dotted with magnificent views. The entire route from Ile-Rousse is around 32km. Of moderate difficulty, you can encounter some snow on this course, whose highest point is 350m above sea level.

-          L’île Rousse – coastal

What’s more enjoyable than a family bike ride along a seaside trail? At 12km in length, this one will be easily tackled in less than an hour and a half. Why not stop on the way and admire the surroundings?

-          Sainte-Lucie of Porto-Vecchio

Enjoy a dirt track in the heart of a green, authentic and preserved natural environment with exceptional views. At around 20km, it’s feasible in a couple of hours. During the ride you can also hike to Lake Ospedale.

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