Explore Ajaccio by bike with the Ajacciu Bellu mobile app

The Ajacciu Bellu mobile app allows locals and tourists alike to (re)discover the heritage of Ajaccio by bike.

A must for anyone who wants to explore Ajaccio and the surrounding area in a more relaxed way, this app acquaints listeners with Corsican culture by playing traditional Corsican music by the likes of Tino Rossi and Marc Paoli in the background.


The app’s simple, user-friendly interface has been designed to appeal to tourists looking for new experiences, as well as people from Ajaccio and the rest of Corsica looking to (re)discover their local heritage.


Using the app, explore the imperial city of Ajaccio following a tour that passes by some of Corsica’s most beautiful heritage sites. Follow the audio-guide and stop off whenever you like to learn about these sites by listening to the commentary recorded by anthropologist Ghjasippina Giannesini. Some, like those associated with Napoleon, are better known, but there are also some hidden gems dating back to the early 20th century, not to mention the cottages found in the ‘English quarter’. On other sections of the route, you’ll be irresistibly tempted to explore the many alleys of this Genoese city before you finish your tour at the must-see site of Parata and its Sanguinaires archipelago. 

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