Five cyclists experience the great escape on the GT20 trail

Five seasoned ‘ultra-distance cyclists’, led by Axel Carion, also decided to try their hand at setting a record for cycling the GT20, a 600km route involving elevation of up to 9,000m that stretches from the north to the south of Corsica

Over two days, the 12-stage GT20 cycle route was transformed into a land of adventure and achievement. Leaving Bastia in the north on Friday evening at 8pm, the objective was to cycle non-stop – with no stages, supplies or assistance – and reach Bonifacio in the south of the island in less than 30 hours. It was a huge challenge for the cyclists. They were to leave in their wake all the charms of the mountain roads, bird's eye views of the sea and the ethereal peaks of the GR20 in their quest to meet this sporting challenge, which undoubtedly took precedence over the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Based on the cyclists’ progress, predictions were made. Their arrival in Bonfacio was announced at 6am by text message. Those final pedal strokes were surely the hardest. But they held in there, drawing on their reserves to overcome the intensely difficult winds and turns of this cycle route, and at the end of it all were certainly able to attest to the saying that Corsican mountains don’t give up easily!


Hats off to the competitors – their achievement was quite the feat, for in less than 40 hours, they managed to complete a highly challenging course equivalent to three stages of the Tour de France! 

For more information on the record set by Axel Carion and his team, visit: 

 Axel Carion and his team complete the GT20 in 35 hours and 32 minutes (in French)

First record set on the GT20 in Corsica (in French)

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