By Johanna the 08/02/2024

South Corsica on gravel

A wild adventure in the heart of the mountains of the Isle of Beauty!

La Corse en Gravel @GravelUp - @Götz Göppert La Corse en Gravel @GravelUp - @Götz Göppert
Imagine, for just a moment, riding along a gravel track overlooking an azure sea, under the Corsican sun, alongside 9 fellow adventurers, enjoying a unique moment of escape. Right from the start of the adventure, smiles were quickly plastered on everyone's faces. GravelUp, a travel agency specialising in Gravel cycling holidays, introduced us to Corsica from a whole new angle, an authentic and wild Corsica. It was an adventure that will stay with us for a (very) long time!

A favourite destination for hikers because of its famous GR20, and for cyclists because of its cliffside seaside roads, Corsica has always thrilled me and stirred my dreams. This desire for wide open spaces drives me more and more. When I took part in this trip, the idea was simple: go further, make my daily outings longer and become journeys.


The GravelUp teams have prepared a memorable experience for us: the chance to discover the Ile de Beauté, and more specifically the Sartenais and Alta Rocca regions, on top-of-the-range bikes that are perfect for accessing the most remote areas.


Because of its obvious qualities, gravel bikes like to get off the beaten track, and so do we. So let's start the dream in the south of Corsica, in an almost utopian base camp near Sartène, to recharge our batteries with an epicurean host who loves travelling, cooking and meeting new people. The gravels allow us to take the most beautiful tracks, roads and picturesque paths to discover the unusual, and the magical!


The days go by and I feel free! Adventure in the heart of nature, without taking yourself too seriously, because GravelUp is above all about getting back to basics, cycling, having fun, living. This promised timeless adventure is synonymous with emotions and sensations, on a descent of a mountain pass or on a fun trail discovered by a certified local guide who rides with us. This gravel route across Corsica takes in some surprisingly beautiful spots, including the Cuscione plateau, the Ortulu valley and the secret Cala Di Conca. The narrow, cobbled streets of Sartè meander around charming churches, from which you can see villages clinging to the mountains, affording spectacular views. Corsica often brings home the fact that it is a wild place. Nature expresses itself in all sorts of ways, and since it can't be tamed, wild pigs or donkeys wander along the road, the weather is sometimes dazzling, and all these events turn the journey into an expedition to the foot of the Aiguilles de Bavella and the wild Plateau du Cuscione.


To keep your senses 110% alert, our organised tour also includes ‘beyond biking’. It's a great opportunity to discover the local culture, the terroir and understand the history of the island as explained by its most intimate members. The trip also gave us the chance to discover wines with character, delicate olive oil and even recipes based on tasty clementines picked straight from the tree in the middle of the orchard! And we're convinced that exploration also involves introspection, so the holiday is enhanced by moments of relaxation, yoga and great moments of sharing, to repair the miles we've covered. If you love adventure and exploration and are looking for a moment away from the norm throughout your year, or in your life, dream big and go in search of the UP Corsica badge! This badge is the ultimate reward for your adventure, handed over personally by the GravelUp teams.


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