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Discover the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in 7 fascinating activities

Statue de Napoléon Ajaccio @ATC Statue de Napoléon Ajaccio @ATC
History can be learnt and told in a fun way too. Check out our selection of activities on the illustrious Napoleon Bonaparte ...

1. The unusual "Napo dipoi 1769 cave" experience


Right in the centre of Ajaccio, in an unusual environment, in complete immersion, take a leap back in time to the time of Napoleon! Culture, history, and gastronomy await you...


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La grotte Napoléon dipoi 1769 - Ajaccio ©ATC La grotte Napoléon dipoi 1769 - Ajaccio ©ATC


La grotte Napo dipoi 1769 - Ajaccio ©ATC La grotte Napo dipoi 1769 - Ajaccio ©ATC

2. Electric bike ride in the footsteps of Napoleon


From Ajaccio town centre to the Iles Sanguinaires, discover our experience and familiarise yourself with the places dedicated to the Emperor Napoleon!


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Promenade en vélo électrique - Ajaccio ©ATC Promenade en vélo électrique - Ajaccio ©ATC


Les Iles Sanguinaires - Ajaccio ©ATC Les Iles Sanguinaires - Ajaccio ©ATC


3. The "Napoléon Ajaccio" app


Download this free goldmine of information, full of tips and advice: itineraries, the various sites dedicated to Napoleon and his family, history and anecdotes. Fun and easy to use, it's sure to appeal to young and old alike. Available on the App Store and Google Play, in Corsican, English and French.


Application Napoléon Ajaccio ©ATC Application Napoléon Ajaccio ©ATC


4. The Naporama shop "the most imperial of small museums


 A shop located in the old town of Ajaccio, entirely dedicated to the Emperor Napoleon through the famous customised Playmobil. The battles, the Grognards, the Campaigns, the Coronation! Everything will be explained to you thanks to these illustrious figurines. For ages 7 to 77!


Playmobils de la boutique Naporama - Ajaccio ©NAPORAMA Playmobils de la boutique Naporama - Ajaccio ©NAPORAMA


5. U Palazzu Bucugnà" Ecomuseum in Bocognano


Take a plunge as if you were in Napoleon's era. The Ecomusée de Bocognano, 25 minutes from Ajaccio, presents the history that linked the Emperor to the village of Bocognano. Nine rooms to discover on different themes ranging from the village of Napoleon's ancestors, Bocognano, to different aspects of the region's way of life. A great alternative to traditional museums.


La Palazzu Bucugnà - Bocognano ©ATC La Palazzu Bucugnà - Bocognano ©ATC


La Palazzu Bucugnà - Bocognano ©ATC La Palazzu Bucugnà - Bocognano ©ATC


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6. The book "Napoléon, Punk, dépressif ... héros".


An original and hard-hitting book by Philippe Perfettini, THE specialist on Napoleon in Corsica. Editions des Equateurs. To be devoured without moderation.


7. A Casa Buonaparte in Ajaccio


An unclassifiable café-museum devoted entirely to the Emperor. The brainchild of the late Michel Ciccada, this landmark in Ajaccio's old town was designed to pass on his passion for Napoleon to the younger generation, and it continues to amaze visitors. A lover of his town and a fervent defender of Corsican culture, Michel Ciccada has succeeded in his challenge. Numerous well-known personalities have made a well-received stop here!


A Casa Buonaparte - Ajaccio ©ATC A Casa Buonaparte - Ajaccio ©ATC




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