Gaïa: the first sculpture at the submarine museum, facing Lazaret in Ajaccio

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Between land and sea, she will announce the future submarine museum dedicated to Marc Petit in the Gulf of Ajaccio.

The 10th anniversary of the Marc Petit Museum was celebrated with the inauguration of a new project: the creation of an underwater museum, including first sculpture Gaïa, which has been recently installed.


Between Francois Ollandini – founder of Lazaret in its new configuration – and sculptor Marc Petit, the story of a beautiful friendship was born around 10 years ago when Ollandini purchased a contemporary art sculpture. Since then, many statues of different shapes and sizes have adorned this cultural venue.


This museum will eventually have 32 pieces submerged in the Gulf of Ajaccio, all respecting the necessary safety standards.


Take the opportunity to visit the Marc Petit Museum, whose permanent collection of over 30 sculpted bronzes and several other monumental works was opened to the public in October 2008. The museum is the culmination of Ollandini and Petit’s first meeting three years earlier.


Ajaccio is immensely privileged to house the collection of works by this world-class sculptor, and it has appointed a thousand curators for the magazine “Miroir de l’Art”.


Throughout the year, the open-air museum offers visitors breathtaking works of humanity and expression, in harmony with the spirit of the place.


Practical information

quartier Aspretto, 20090 Ajaccio

P hone : 06 18 69 16 42


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