By Johanna the 15/09/2021

Guided tour of the Ajaccio Citadel

Unique insight into Corsican history: experience it with the Ajaccio Intercommunal Tourist Office

The Citadel of Ajaccio was handed over to the city in 2019 after its long occupation by the army. It now welcomes civilians into its interior for the first time in 5 centuries!

Our small group, accompanied by Ajaccio Intercommunal Tourist Office guide Pierre-André, visits the building's most secret areas… accessible only in his company! Just entering the Citadel is a great experience in itself.


Passing through the doorway, which has remained discreetly closed since its construction by the Genoese in the 16th century, today unveils its buildings, its underground passages, its jails, as well as its breathtaking views over the Gulf of Ajaccio and the city. Without giving away the secrets and surprises of the visit, I feel privileged to have this chance to meander amongst its twists and turns. 


23,000 m2 of history are revealed to us by the guide who keeps his audience in suspense, relating the citadel's history and offering anecdotes that are sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, especially when evoking the tragic fate of resistance fighter Fred Scamaroni...


Whether you are a history and heritage enthusiast, or merely curious as I am, I highly recommend this visit, which offers the opportunity to learn while having fun and to discover what Corsica was like from the time of the Genoese until today.















Office Intercommunal de Tourisme d’Ajaccio

3 Bd du Roi Jérôme


04 95 51 53 00


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