By Jean-Philippe the 15/03/2019

Heritage and Museums

Corsica: Immerse yourself in the local culture and heritage

Given her central position in the Mediterranean, the island has changed hands between nations many times and her history is marked by invasions, revolts and other battles…. pre-historical remains, megaliths alignments and excavations bear witness of the first human settlements in Corsica, from the 7th millenary B.C…

So, the history of the island appears rich and complex, with blends of civilizations or relevant characters through the ages who left their prints on the landscapes and shaped the island’s –sometimes the Nation’s- destiny; In Corsica, the Bonapartes’ House, Genoese coastal fortifications and watchtowers, Baroque churches in Bastia town center, the Roman remains in Aleria or anthropomorphic megaliths are all part of the Corsican roots …


Immerse yourself in the local culture in Corte or Bastia’s Ethnographic museums, re discover European paintings and masterpieces in Ajaccio’s Fesch Museum (2nd collection in the world of Primitive Italian paintings to the Louvre Museum!), follow Napoleon Bonaparte’s footsteps from his very birth house in Ajaccio’s or get back to the revolutions back in the Enlightment Century through Pascal Paoli achievements …

As many reasons to explore the land … and the ages by the way !

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