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A Top 5 to discover and love Corsica in winter!

Dare to go to Corsica out of season

La Corse en hiver @ATC La Corse en hiver @ATC

Although Corsica is best known for its hot, sunny summers, blossoming springs with mild temperatures, and colourful autumns, winter also has its charms and assets: above-average sunshine, distinctive accommodation where you can unwind, a rich, high-quality seasonal cuisine, gentle outdoor activities to keep you fit and events to entertain you... Discover our top 5 ways to explore and enjoy Corsica in winter!


1. Enjoy warm and cosy accomodation with a touch of authenticity:


Picture this: the snow is falling, the trees are white, you're sipping a cup of tea accompanied by cuggiulelle (all made in Corsica, of course), enjoying a log fire, and why not, a good relaxing SPA... You're not dreaming, you're already in one of the many character-filled accommodation establishments open all year round in Corsica!  And if this cocoon is eco-labelled and committed to responsible tourism, even better! To sum up, if you're planning a visit to Corsica this winter, prepare for your stay by consulting the list of establishments open during the winter period... A small pictogram will tell you that it's an eco-labelled establishment. If you're looking for inspiration, you can also check out our regularly updated offers and holiday ideas .


L'hiver en Corse en mode cocooning ©ATC L'hiver en Corse en mode cocooning ©ATC



2. Relax and stay in shape with a range of gentle activities


The snow sports season is in full swing, and the snow-covered landscapes are an enticing opportunity for sporting activities: snowshoeing, downhill skiing or tobogganing for the little ones, and at the end of the day, hot chocolate for everyone in the cosy mountain café.

At sea, too, you can equally practice yoga on a paddle, or sea kayak ... with a transparent hull to explore the seabed. Enjoy long walks along deserted beaches or ponds such as Terrenzana, on the east coast of Corsica, offering plenty of opportunities for contemplation and relaxation. If you're more of a competitive cyclist, take part in the city trails organised during the winter months on the island: Trail in Calvi (November), Chjaru di Luna in Ville di Petrabugnu (November), Spassighjata in Bastia (December) or the City Trail Impérial in Ajaccio (December). Electric bikes are also a great way to burn off calories, in the forest or on cycle paths. You can also test your endurance on a GT20 course.


Activité douce en canöe @ Corse Matin Activité douce en canöe @ Corse Matin


Yoga activité douce ©ATC Yoga activité douce ©ATC


3. Warm up with delicious local dishes


Corsica's rich and authentic gastronomy is also making a comeback with the arrival of winter and its long evenings by the fireside: on the land side, figatellu arrustitu (cooked over the open fire), chestnut flour pulenda, fresh brocciu, Corsican panzetta soup or lentils with figatellu... enough to warm you up during the long winter evenings! On the seaside, even in the depths of winter, it's not unusual to enjoy Corsican specialities such as sea urchins from the comfort of a restaurant terrace. Christmas markets are also the perfect place to discover Corsican gastronomy and prepare for the festive season: cakes, charcuterie, cheeses, local logs, clementines and marrons glacés will all find their place on your festive tables.


Gastronomie corse ©ATC Gastronomie corse ©ATC


Une bûche aux saveurs corses @ATC Une bûche aux saveurs corses @ATC


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4. Entertainment to counter the winter chill


The calendar of fairs, sporting and cultural events is packed during the winter, much to the delight of visitors: a variety of concerts with Corsican and international singers and musicians, gastronomic fairs with culinary displays, tastings or short courses with Corsican products as the common thread, such as the famous chestnut fair in Bocognano in December, museum exhibitions, farmers' markets such as those in Bastia, Ile Rousse and Ajaccio, renowned film festivals such as the British festival Under My Screen (Ajaccio), the Italian film festival in Bastia (February), car rallies such as Fium'Orbu Castellu or Balagne. There's plenty to keep you busy and entertained during the winter season!


Concert corse @ATC Concert corse @ATC


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5. Bonus: a train journey through the Corsican mountains

If you want to try out an alternative to the car during your holiday, why not visit part of Corsica by train? Once fondly referred to as "u trinichellu" (translated as "the trembling one" in homage to the old models with the trembling frame), the Corsican train is now an unusual way of visiting inland villages or simply enjoying the snow-covered landscapes in the depths of winter. The forest of Vizzavona, around an hour from Ajaccio, is well worth the journey with its magical snow-covered landscapes. The villages of Bocognano, Tattone, Vivario and Venaco are also well worth a stop, if only to stretch your legs...

The main line runs from Ajaccio to Bastia via Corte.There is also a line linking Bastia to Calvi, and a secondary line linking Calvi to Ile Rousse, stopping at every beach, even in winter!


Le train corse @ATC Le train corse @ATC


Le train des plages ©ATC Le train des plages ©ATC


Lines, prices, and timetables, you will find everything on the Chemins de Fer de la Corse website  !

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