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Our top 10 reasons for visiting Corsica in autumn

Corsica in autumn is particularly pleasant. The climate is mild and sunny, and the long days allow you to enjoy the sea, which retains its summer warmth. At this time of year, a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and shops are open to welcome holidaymakers. Arriving on the island is like rediscovering your five senses....

1. An ideal Mediterranean location

 At 174 km from the French coast, 80 km from Italy and 12 km from Sardinia, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica is served all year round by shipping companies and airlines from France and many other countries.


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2. Corsica, far from the summer crowds

With a population of around 340,000, Corsica welcomes 3 million tourists a year, 72% of whom visit between May and September. And yet... visiting Corsica before and after the summer season is a really good idea! Away from the summer crowds, Corsica reveals its full potential. Everything is still possible, with the guarantee of greater availability from professionals.


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3. Corsica, the island where the weather's good (almost all year round)

With a typical Mediterranean climate and 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Corsica is one of the sunniest regions, with early autumn temperatures approaching 20°C. The water temperature is also very pleasant between June and October, at between 19°C and 22°C.


4. Corsica and its astounding gastronomy

Corsica's traditions are alive and well and are reflected in its gastronomy. Discerning palates will appreciate the quality of the products of an authentic land where the scents of chestnuts and citrus fruits mingle with the savoury sweetness of charcuterie, a wide range of seafood products, creamy cheeses and wines and liqueurs.


An island of a thousand flavours !

Did you know? Corsican products benefit from several labels and appellations

AOC Vins de Corse, AOC Muscat du Cap Corse,

AOC/AOP Miels de Corse, Mele di corsica

AOC/PDO Brocciu,

AOC/AOP Corsican olive oil -Oliu di Corsica,

AOC/AOP Farine de châtaigne de Corse - Farina castagnina corsa,

AOC Prisuttu - Jambon sec de Corse, AOC Coppa di Corsica - Coppa de Corse, AOC Lonzu - Lonzo de Corse,

IGP Corsican clementines and kiwi fruit


5. Corsica, an island offering outdoor activities all year round

 The smallest but most mountainous of the three large Mediterranean islands, Corsica boasts 120 peaks over 2,000 metres in altitude. This "mountain in the sea", with a Regional Nature Park covering a third of its territory, offers a multitude of activities: walks and long hikes, road races or trails, horse riding, mountain biking, road cycling, climbing, hang-gliding, snow sports, yoga, river sports... you name it! With 1,000 km of coastline, our customers can also choose from a wide range of water sports: windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddling, sea kayaking...


 An FFC-approved mountain-biking site offers over 220 km of tracks and trails in Balagne.

#NEW With 13 stages, 550 km, passes to climb and villages to explore, the GT20 itinerary links in the north and south of the island that can be discovered by bike. An truly unusual and authentic Corsica.


6. Corsica, a destination with a thousand facets !

  Travel with the seasons , diversity and a change of scenery guaranteed !


7. A family holiday in Corsica


Why not take advantage of the school holidays to discover Corsica as a family? The All-Saints’ holidays are the perfect opportunity to discover Corsica with your children. You can walk along the paths of ancient sites to discover menhirs, fortresses, castles, and other signs of occupation since prehistoric times. You can reach the summits of the peaks by trying your hand at zip-lining or via ferrata. And why not discover turtles in a wildlife park?  Cultivate yourself with your children! Explore our historic heritage and discover our history: 85 Genoese towers have been recorded as encircling the island, the citadels of Bastia, Bonifacio, Calvi, Corte, Porto-Vecchio and St Florent are visible and accessible, and the ancient sites of Aleria, Filitosa, Cucuruzzu, Capula, Araghju and Cauria - a sign of civilisation on the island since prehistoric times - the choice is yours!

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8. Corsica and its unspoilt countryside

Autumn is also the perfect time for families to discover the island's flora and fauna. From endemic plants to migratory birds, your senses and those of your children will be on alert. Head to the nature reserves for a chance to admire pink flamingos on their migration stopover, or spot ospreys, red kites and peregrine falcons in unspoilt areas.


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Focus on the Ile Verte

7 nature reserves

4,100 km² of forest and scrubland

40 mountain lakes

30 rivers

1 regional nature park covering more than a third of the territory

1 UNESCO World Heritage Site

2 marine parks




9. Corsica, the ideal destination for a slow tourism break

Corsica offers a host of attractions for a successful "slow tourism" break. If you want to get back to basics in these anxious times of health crisis, join a rich and abundant natural environment, enjoy a unique experience far from mass tourism, meet local people who will be delighted to share their culture, gastronomy, skills, and history, or simply take your time, Corsica is THE ideal destination to recharge your batteries!


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10. Corsica and its characterful accommodation ready to welcome you

Corsica offers a highly eclectic range of accommodation to meet the needs of its customers all year round.


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