By Johanna the 13/05/2019

A visit to ‘U Mondu di u Porcu’, a pork centre in Cozzano, southern Corsica

Foodie traditions, savoir-faire and beliefs: here you’ll learn everything about the pig!

The museum and centre ‘U Mondu di u Porcu’ is housed in a warm, welcoming stone building in the style of the local houses in Upper Taravo (Altu Taravu), southern Corsica. This place is entirely dedicated to the iconic savoir-faire of the region, and specifically to its pork-related traditions.


The passionate Elodie welcomes us for an off-kilter tour – a little unusual, often amusing, and full of surprises. It was time to learn a lot about the pig, an animal so often mocked, but which nevertheless remains one of Corsica’s emblematic species.


We start in the room dedicated to the different breeds, the origins of the animal and its breeding. A play area is also set up for children on the theme of ‘who eats what’ involving sheep, pigs and goats – it’s up to them to learn the eating habits of Corsican farm animals. Further on, the tools of the ‘purcaghju’ (pork butcher) are displayed: ‘a seca’ (saw), ‘u culteddu’ (knife), ‘u pizzicatoghju’ (to collect the sausages). Every word is translated into Corsican, accompanied by short explanations.


We also learn that Cozzano inhabitants have been hunting dormice for generations! This tradition involves flushing out the animal using a ‘smokestack’ technique, as they cause considerable damage to roofs. Hunting takes place in the first half of October and requires a derogation that only the village of Cozzano has obtained. A small film in Corsican language (or French) is on show to visitors.


‘A year in Cuzzà’: the tour continues on the lower level with a seasonal theme. Each month has its own traditions, religious festivals, food specialities, nature and wildlife, and Cozzano lives to the rhythm of the seasons. The tour ends with a large-scale screening of a short film.















Visit the interpretation center with ©Sylvain Alessandri 


 U mondu di u porcu

Casa di u territoriu

20 148 COZZANO


If you want to go further:

To stimulate the senses, pair your visit to the interpretation centre with an ‘authentic day’ to meet the producers, taking place every Friday from early June to late September. Discover Alto Taravo at the heart of authentic Corsica for a day focused on the local savoir-faire and produce – charcuterie, saffron and honey – with producers who share their passion for their work. Tastings can be enjoyed at each farm, as well as at the centre’s shop.

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