By Nathalie the 19/12/2017


Corsica’s local delicacy, par excellence.

This speciality is unique to Corsica and has been sold here since time immemorial. Brocciu cheese is the only dairy product on the island that has been granted AOC status.

It is produced from fresh whey that is heated before adding 10 to 20% whole milk. This milk comes from Brebis sheep or from the native goats.   The mixture is heated once again over a wood or gas fire and is salted as it is stirred. The product that makes the Brocciu then rises to the surface, is collected using sieves and poured into woven wicker baskets (today they use plastic moulds) that are then stacked.

It is made from December to June, and after that it can be enjoyed in its semi-soft form or as a hard cheese known as “brocciu passu”.  
Brocciu is used in a wide range of traditional local dishes, such as fiadone, migliacci, beignets, omelettes, storzapreti, aubergines à la bonifacienne… 

It obtained its designation of origin on 10th June 1983, and was subsequently granted AOC status on 3rd June 1998.

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