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Canistrelli workshop: a gourmet Corsican experience

Lucie from ‘I Dolci di Fiora’ shares her recipe for canistrelli with candied Corsican clementine.

Lucie is an expert in Corsican gastronomy: biscuits, homemade pastry (from here or elsewhere), savoury pies, tapas and faritas all made in Corsica, and she only works with local products. She manages two businesses with her husband: ‘I feel sensi di Luna’, which links visitors with producers and Corsican savoir-faire, and the ‘I Dolci di Fiora’ delicatessen selling products such as Balagne olive oil, Linguizetta mustard, Appiettu cheese, savoury pies, mini burgers, and tapas and faritas from 6pm May to October (book ahead).


Today Lucie welcomes us into her workshop, set up outside for the occasion. Everything is laid out: a measuring cup, rolling pin and flour, to the sound of sheep bells in the neighbouring field. We’re ready to have a go at making canistrelli, the famous Corsican biscuits, surrounded by the high spirits and delicious aromas of the shop.


Step by step the recipe takes shape, the smell of candied clementine fills the air, and we knead religiously before baking our gourmet creations. Fifteen minutes later we take our canistrelli out of the oven; Lucie packs them expertly and we’re proud to take them home!


A fun experience to enjoy with family or friends. Here is Lucie’s delicious recipe:


©ATC Sylvain Alessandri ©ATC Sylvain Alessandri


©ATC Sylvain Alessandri ©ATC Sylvain Alessandri


©ATC Sylvain Alessandri ©ATC Sylvain Alessandri





Find the video of the experience with ©Sylvain Alessandri



Canistrelli with candied clementine

250g flour

85 gr sugar

6 gr yeast

80 ml  Muscat

80 ml sunflower oil

70 gr candied clementine

Preheat oven to 180°. 

Combine the flour, sugar and yeast, then add the oil and Muscat, mixing everything until the dough is homogenous. Add the candied clementine, spread out the dough to a thickness of 1cm and cut into rectangles, then bake for around 15 minutes.

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This workshop was organised with support from the ILO of Ajaccio within the framework of the event ‘Ajaccio celebrates the spring’. Read the event programme here.

  Read the event programme here .


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