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Itinerary Casinca-Castagniccia-Costa Verde

Route of authentic senses

South of Bastia, on the east coast, is a contrasting territory where water is abundant and soils fertile.

First, the plain of Casinca, surmounted by charming villages placed in the greenery like balconies by the sea.


Named in ancient times "Rome's granary", this region is still today the star of the island's market gardening and fruit production, in particular a booming citrus growth and the cultivation of the Cervione hazelnut. Going inland, it is the chestnut tree that reigns supreme. The majestic villages of Castagniccia testify to a glorious past built on the exploitation of the chestnut grove which remains today the main activity of this region which has 29 remarkable and typical villages, Romanesque chapels, and convents to visit. These remote villages with slate roofs, cobbled streets, squares and fountains blend perfectly with the rich and wooded vegetation.


On the seaside, choose between the 15 different fine sandy beaches. Ideal for swimming with the family! 


Goat cheeses



Ferme - Ange-Paul Alfonsi  


In the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, at nearly six hundred meters above sea level, in the middle of centuries-old chestnut trees, Ange-Paul raises one hundred and forty goats and the milking is done by hand! On the ground floor of their house, his wife transforms nearly 120 liters of milk into delicious fresh, white and tender cheeses. Already a treat just out of the mold!


Town Square, Pietricaggio

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Cold cuts


Allevu di Pol di Feru - Pierre et fils Albertini 

Pierre took over the pig farming of his ancestors, a family tradition handed down for three hundred years! Coppa, Lonzu and Prisuttu AOP, his charcuterie lives up to the passion he has for his native land as well as for his village Loretu di Casinca.


Town square, Loreto di Casinca

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Citrus and hazelnuts


Clémentines et noisettes IGP - Jean-Paul Mancel 

Producer since 1981 of clementines, pomelos, almonds and more recently hazelnuts, Jean-Paul is President of the Association for the Promotion and Defense of Clementines and Pomelos from Corsica, and Hazelnuts from Cervioni.


You can taste its products in the two rural lodgings that can accommodate up to ten people.


Botrangulu path, Valle di Campoloro

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Vinegars and syrups


Les jardins d’Alesani - Patrice Bouret 

Patrice Bouret has revived long-abandoned terraces. Pears, figs, strawberries, morello cherries, blackcurrants and raspberries grow there, before passing into its copper cauldrons, for magical family recipes! Exquisite syrups and four real vinegars: citron, fig, myrtle and raspberry which are macerated for three months in cider vinegar. All products are natural and free of any additives or preservatives, Alesani fruits are raised and cultivated naturally, without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.


Village de Felce, Felce 

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