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Itinerary Corsica Livantina

Route of authentic senses

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Wild nature enthusiasts will happily discover the Urbinu pond, the second largest pond in Corsica.

It is an exceptional ecological place, a paradise for birds: gray herons, kingfishers, egrets. You can taste the famous oysters from Diana’s Pond and mussels from the Costa Serena ponds.

The Urbinu pond is bordered by the Pinia forest made up of maritime pines that border the beach. In the heart of the eastern plain, the tradition of vines and orchards still thrives today as well as : clementine from Corsica, pomelo and kiwi.

But the Corsica Livantina is also the ancestral lands of the shepherds of Fium'Orbu and the vast plain of Aleria, renowned since Classical Antiquity for the richness of its productions.

The opulent Aleria, capital of Corsica under the Emperor Augustus, was a cosmopolitan counter coveted by everyone of the Mediterranean. History buffs will love visiting the archaeological complex of Aleria: the ancient site, the museum housed in Fort Matra, the Roman baths, the pre-Roman necropolis, and the remains of the baths of Puzzichellu (Aghione).

The 13 villages of the region conceal heritage treasures, in particular the Santa Croce chapel which adjoins the old parish church of Sainte Marie. Swimming enthusiasts will enjoy diving into the blue waters of eastern Corsica, fishing in wild torrents, cooling off in waterfalls, lakes, and natural river pools.




 Le Verger de Raphaëlle - Raphaëlle Peignier Astima 

In 2001, Raphaëlle decided to produce olives, hazelnuts and figs herself on her husband's unused land. She has also created an educational farm where horses, donkeys, ponies, bees and many other animals live in harmony.

 Casa accinta, Ghisonaccia 




 A Caspa - Louis Pinna 

Louis has spent his whole life in the vineyard, first as a winegrower then he decided to convert the estate into table grapes. The different varieties of red and white grapes satisfy the requirements of gourmets looking for the freshness of a grape harvested that day. Summer and winter alike, Louis walks the furrows of his variegated vineyard every morning.

 Hameau Casaperta, Aleria 




  Domaine Vecchio - Florence Giudicelli Girard 

  With her husband Jérôme, an oenologist, Florence created the Domaine Vecchio during the 2000 harvest. The wines are produced by Vignerons Artisans. The microclimate favours morning mists and the freshness of the nights makes the grape berries fruity and tangy for perfect ripeness!

 Chiatra di Verde, Chiatra 



  Olive oil


 Domaine Marquiliani - Anne Amalric 

 Anne runs the 47-hectare family farm and produces almonds, olives and grapes. The Aghione plateau is one of the first lands in Corsica to cultivate olive trees! Its olive grove extends gently into the valley where the exceptional soil and microclimate give its oil softness and balance. Its Domaine Marquiliani and Moulin de Pauline 100% fruit juice oils naturally deserved a gold medal.


©marquiliani ©marquiliani

Goat cheeses


 Casgiu San Paolo - Dominique Chabas 

Dominique quickly abandoned raising sheep for goats, a demanding ancestral island tradition. " I like the contact with this animal," she explains. His herd now numbers 120 goats. His respect and his attachment to his goats gives his cheeses an exceptional quality.

 Route de Linguizzetta, Linguizzetta 


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