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Itinerary Nebbiu-Capi Corsu

Route of authentic senses

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Are you looking for an exceptional natural setting? A preserved, quiet environment, a real space for healing? Welcome to Cap Corse!

This unique peninsula, magnified by the sea, the mountains and the wind, a stone's throw from Bastia and Saint Florent, has all the assets to please the most demanding. This wild region has managed to preserve the beauty of nature. Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted with the coastal footpath. Discover many authentic villages far from any urbanization, criss-cross the small paths, soak up the spectacular landscapes and admire the towers.

Cap Corse has long been a prey of choice for pirates. These Genoese watchtowers are spread all along the coast. Locals reserve their most warmed welcome to visitors which has been a real traditions for generations.

Emotions, sensations, perfumes, gastronomy...

Corsica’s soul is there. Cap Corse is a world apart, an "island within an island" as its inhabitants like to say. Swimming enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised by the unusual and wild beaches of Cap Corse.

You will also discover the terraced crops and the centuries-old olive groves of the fertile plain of the Conca d'Oru (Horn of plenty), witnesses of strong agricultural activity from past centuries. Today, pastures and young olive groves still shape the landscape, but this land remains above all a high place of Corsican viticulture, its clay-schist soils, sometimes softened by limestone formations, and since what feels like forever, have produced wines which were among the best in the Mediterranean.




 Casa Angeli - Daniel et Antoine Angeli 

La Casa Angeli now offers around forty products designed on the basis of old traditional recipes, including Le Pastis Corse à l’Ancienne, which won a gold medal in 2013 at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in the Spirits category. " Old-fashioned maceration and eau de vie, this is the secret of authentic taste! says Daniel. " To obtain quality products and strive for excellence, you must be strict and very demanding," adds Antò, now at the head of the company. A great satisfaction for his father who, as a young man, made his own wine alone!


Place called Poggiale, Rogliano

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Chestnut flour


 A Nebbiulinca - Aurore Sardo 

"A farina fornina", brown and biscuity, it honours the sweet taste of Muratu chestnuts. Aurore has always worked on the farm. She travels to all the fairs in France, even seducing the demanding Parisian grocery store Fauchon! It has developed a leisure centre for the past six years, introducing people to the Nebbiu through hiking and offering guided tours of Muratu and the chestnut grove.


 Place called Milelli, Murato

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