By Johanna the 30/11/2023

Journey along the Route des Sens Authentiques in Corsica

At the heart of Corsican gastronomic traditions and know-how

Route des sens authentiques corse Route des sens authentiques corse
An invitation to travel to the heart of Corsica: the Route des Sens Authentiques takes you to the heart of true Corsica, where traditions mingle with exceptional landscapes to offer visitors a unique experience. This route highlights the authentic Corsican trades and skills that make the island so rich. From the coast to the inland villages, each stop reveals a generous and endearing Corsica. The Route des Sens Authentiques guides you to little-known places that are home to passionate craftsmen and producers who perpetuate age-old traditions. The Route des Sens Authentiques lists the producers and artisans who have joined the network. Each stage of the route reveals a unique facet of the island. Follow the signs!

Stages to discover without moderation, encounters rich in emotion ...


... With farmers and producers of authentic flavours: epicureans will be delighted by the variety of products on offer! As you choose, you'll have the chance to meet farmers and producers who are proud of their land: bed and breakfast and B&B owners, market gardeners, olive growers, winemakers, livestock farmers, beech and chestnut growers, cheese and charcuterie producers - each stage of the route has its share of tasty discoveries to make. Corsican producers open their doors to you to share their passion, inviting you to taste some exceptional products, testimony to a preserved know-how. These culinary moments forge an authentic link between visitors and local producers.


... With craftsmen with ancestral know-how: the Corsican villages vibrate to the rhythm of the local craftsmen, guardians of a rich and diversified craft heritage. Potters, ceramists, cutlers, basket-makers, luthiers... each craft has its own story to tell. The workshops open their doors to you, offering an immersive experience where you can watch the creation of unique pieces, fashioned with love and respect for tradition.


Slow, conscious tourism, just the way we like it!


By choosing the Route des Sens Authentiques, you're opting for slow, responsible tourism: by promoting local trades, by encouraging short circuits, by networking with the men and women who make Corsica authentic and discovering the riches of the land, you're playing an active part in preserving a living heritage. In fact, this Route is much more than a tourist itinerary, it's an invitation to meet, discover and immerse yourself in the heart of Corsican traditions. Embark on a sensory journey, where every kilometre reveals a new treasure, every village a new story. Corsica opens its doors to you, and on this route, the journey becomes an authentic adventure, full of meaning and discovery, always with respect.



Route des sens authentiques @ATC Route des sens authentiques @ATC


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