By Nathalie the 01/12/2022


With a delicate, nutty taste.

In the superb lagoons that lie along the east coast –the Etang de Diana and the Etang d’Urbinu- are hidden a multitude of shellfish which, the oysters in particular, have an incomparable flavour.

The unique thing about Corsican oysters is that they are very young. Whereas Atlantic oysters take three years to reach a weight of 90g, our own variety grows very quickly and can be eaten after only 12 or 14 months (the oysters gorge themselves on the very specific types of phytoplankton and zooplankton that is found in our lagoons).

This exceptional environment produces exceptional oysters. Those of the Etang de Diana are meaty, sweet to the taste whilst maintaining bite and they are blessed with a delicate, nutty flavour that is so popular nowadays. 

The oysters are eaten raw; they can be eaten without the need for seasoning although they are perfectly well accompanied by a few drops of juice from one of the region’s lemons or even with finely chopped shallots mixed with vinegar. They are particularly associated with special occasions and can be found on the menu at all the best restaurants along the Corsican coasts.  

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