By Nathalie the 07/02/2013

16- Where can I learn to dive?

Corsica is a paradise for divers with over 1,000km of indented coastline and transparent turquoise water and 78 diving centres and schools dotted along the Mediterranean, ensuring that visitors can enjoy diving almost anywhere on the island’s coast.

With its underwater overhangs, boat and plane wrecks, and particularly rich and varied fauna, Corsica is the perfect location for a diving holiday as its waters are incredibly clear and the protected status of certain sites means that it’s possible to view some of the rarest species in the Mediterranean here, such as the large concentration of grouper off the Lavezzi islands. Almost all the hotels offered by tour operators along the coast are near to a scuba diving school (some even have their own facilities), although if you want easy access to the island’s most famous dive sites we would recommend that you stay in one of the numerous resorts along the west coast.

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