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Chat with Daniel Damien, organiser of the Corsica Paddle Trophy

The Corsica Paddle Trophy is a festival of board sports that brings together the best exponents of each discipline and novices...

Can you describe your competition in a few words?


The Corsica Paddle Trophy is a unique racing concept in the world of board sports. Over 3 days different board sports communities meet up, Sup, Pirogue canoes, surf ski, prone, Wing Foil. Different courses and distances each day allow you to see Corsica from different angles. It's a real board sports festival where big brands also come to exhibit their new products.


You chose to schedule your competition in the autumn, why was that? 


We have chosen a date in October since the creation of the Corsica Paddle trophy. This event ends the Sup season, the riders come to Corsica to close the season. This period is also very favourable for the weather and navigation conditions, and this way we manage to extend the summer a little...


Can you give us an idea of the profile of the competitors?


This event is aimed at as many as possible. We have 3 Categories:  Elites (average distance 18 km/day), Enthusiasts (12 km/day) and Leisure (5km/day). It is above all a celebration of board sports, great times shared between the best in each discipline and the novices.


Do you undertake any environmental awareness actions with your competitors? If so what are they?


Yes, we have implemented environmental actions during the events since the origin of the Corsica Paddle Trophy. We have teamed up with two partners, SEAQUAL, which raises awareness of the circular economy, from waste collection to the re-industrialisation process, and Maif, which pairs up the Ajaccio school community with our beach clean-up actions during the events.


Where and when should those interested register for the Corsica Paddle Trophy?


Registration will be open after Nautic 2021 on the Corsica Paddle Trophy website 


A word about the different disciplines?


The Corsica Paddle trophy brings together 5 disciplines:


  • The Sup or paddle, inflatable or rigid, has been very successful with an exponential market, and aimed at just about everybody,
  • The Tahitian origin Pirogue is a real novelty in Corsica. We have single-seaters and two-seaters for the moment, but maybe one day the V6 will come to Corsican shores,
  • Surf skiing is an ocean racer similar to a very sleek kayak. It allows you to go very fast on the water and to take advantage of the downwind waves,
  • The Prone discipline is very spectacular because the competitors row with their hands while lying on the board. They cover similar distances to the enthusiasts and elites,
  • The Wing Foil is undoubtedly the discipline that is currently on the rise. Its development is very significant in Corsica where it is practiced in many spots.


What advice and/or recommendations would you give to someone who is paddleboarding for the first time in Corsica?


There are safety rules to follow as in all sports, but it is important not to stray too far from the coast when you start, and warn people on land if you decide to go alone. You can rent equipment from professionals on many beaches. It is good to seek some advice at the start in order to progress faster and thus make it more pleasurable.


In your opinion, what are the must-see places to visit on a paddleboard?


The places are many and varied, starting with Porto-Vecchio in particular, with the bays of Pinarello, Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, Rondinara and Piantarella ranking among the most beautiful SUP spots. You can also pack your board in your backpack and hop on a boat to the Lavezzi Islands. The west coast offers real gems in terms of landscapes, with the Calanques de Piana and the Scandola nature reserve. Cap Corse to the north and its rugged coastline is also enchanting. But watch out for the swell and winds in the north and west of the island. Finally, Rupione Bay, just a few minutes by car south of Ajaccio, offers optimal conditions for surfers, especially beginners. When the sea is flat calm, there are beautiful excursions along the coast to be had.


Do you have anything new to show us for 2022?


We are working on new courses for 2022, and we have some nice surprises in store to satisfy as many competitors as possible.


What does the boat show mean to you? Does it showcase your business?


Yes, it is a pleasure for us to be present on the ATC stand. The Nautic is organising the Nautic Paddle on Sunday 5 December 2021. This event brings together 1,000 competitors who cross Paris by Sup. A good advert for the Corsica Paddle Trophy which is the only race represented on the Nautic.

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