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Be responsible... Enter diving of the 3rd millennium!

“The international charter of the responsible diver is a guide. Not a sum of constraints.” Association Longitude 181 - The Voice of the Ocean ( )

You will explore the underwater world of a fragile ecosystem and discover a flora and fauna that deserves all your attention and respect. It’s on this basis that the charter was created by Longitude 181 Association.


Adopted in particular by the FFSSEM (French Federation of Studies and Underwater Sports), as well as by various diving instructor associations, it pushes everyone to question their habits on holiday and advocates consideration of eco-friendly diving conditions, and preservation of the sea’s natural treasures.


Points to note


When planning your holiday:

-Prioritise responsible diving centres
-Read about the marine ecosystems that you’ll explore
-Find out about Corsican customs and culture

Before diving:

-Enquire at the dive site
-Learn about the efforts of the diving centre in protecting the underwater environment

While on the boat:

-Don’t throw anything overboard
-Refuse plates and plastic cups
-Ask for appropriate rubbish bins

While diving:

-Do not remove anything
-Move gently to avoid disturbing underwater life
-Avoid contact with plants and animals

After the dive:

-Ask for facilities that avoid water waste

During your stay:

-Do not buy souvenirs stolen from the sea
-Ask restaurateurs about the seafood they serve


In Corsica, four clubs are signatories of the charter of the responsible diver.

Their ecoresponsible habits: Use of biodegradable maintenance products respectful of the environment, awareness of respect for the environment, involvement in the local economic fabric.

Maeva diving centre:

Diving Torra:

Porto-Vecchio diving centre:

Isula diving centre:



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