By Françoise the 08/04/2016

Meet Jean-Marie Espervie, passionate diving instructor and marine biology expert

Bubbles of happiness while diving with A Madreperla!

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“Born at the edge of the Mediterranean, the sea has fascinated me since my childhood. I’ve been a diver for 20 years and have over 5,000 dives under my belt, mostly exploring the seabed in Corsica, especially for scientific missions (Oceanographic Research Station Calvi and University of Corsica). “I hold a diploma in marine biology and I love sharing my passion and knowledge on the underwater fauna and flora with keen divers, whether they’re beginners or experienced.

What can be seen on the seabed of the eastern plain?

“Here we have two of Corsica’s most beautiful wrecks:

- The Alcione, an Italian cargo ship torpedoed in 1943, 55 metres long, lying at a depth of 35 metres and described as ‘the most beautiful wreck of Corsica’;

- A B25 bomber, in very good condition with its machine gun intact, sunk during World War II and resting at depth of 20 metres (accessible at beginner level of diving).


What else can I expect on a dive with your club?

“We have exceptional fishing sites with underwater grottos home to groupers, corbs and moray eels less than 5 metres from the surface, and luckily we can also see large cicadas that have unfortunately become rare.

“The Roman activity in the region also makes it possible to observe collars of amphorae and debris from Roman boats.


What is the club’s major selling point?

“A Madreperla is not a ‘diving factory’. A warm welcome, sense of community spirit and top-notch security are essential to our operation. Have a look at our online ‘guestbook’ to read the testimonials from our many divers.”


The club is open from June to September

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