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The Lavezzi Island archipelago, a nature reserve between Corsica and Sardinia

L’isule Lavezzi, riserva naturale tra Corsica e Sardegna

This nature reserve is a must for your holidays in Corsica but also for locals. Sheltering a remarkable collection of fauna and flora, you’ll be as impressed on land as in the sea.

I needed to get a breath of fresh air and discover a place in Corsica that was unknown to me. After a few minutes of reflection, it seemed obvious that the Lavezzi Islands would be pretty exotic for a day trip. You know the type of trip that doesn’t take you far, but you feel like you’re on the other side of the world? This was one of those.


In low season the Lavezzi Islands are pleasantly quiet, so it seemed the best time to go. 

I decided to take the boat from Bonifacio rather than the departure ports closer to home. Many packages are offered by a few companies: a tourist tour with meals and a one- or two-hour stop on one of the islands, or a round trip to fully enjoy the whole archipelago. I chose the latter.

Upon my arrival in Bonifacio, I parked on the port and made for the reception point of the Society of Sea Promenade Bonifacio (SPMB) at its end. 

There are departures from 9:30 to 15:30 and returns from 12:30 to 18:30, every hour. Remember to bring sun cream, a hat and even an umbrella if you want, as there’s little shade on board. The same goes for picnics and plenty of water – and don’t forget this is a nature reserve, so pay attention to waste and ensure you respect the surroundings.

I took the first crossing to make the most of the day, and after half an hour, we arrived at one of the granite islands via a wooden pontoon. 

There were very few people on the boat at this low season, giving me a real sense of space and solitude. I set up my parasol on a sandy beach near the pontoon, and went immediately for a swim in the warm, clear water. The fish are used to tourists and weren’t afraid to come to me; I put on my mask and snorkel and explored the colourful seabed. 

Though dreamlike this may have been, I was on an island paradise close to home.

After a morning lazing on the beach and a good picnic, I decided to take a walk to explore the fauna and flora of the island and its small coves, following marked trails. 

And the return boat was more than just a shuttle – a humorous guide pointed out the houses of rich celebrities on the way back (1-hour return trip).

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FIND OUT MORE : Bonifacio Sea Promenade Society


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