By Nathalie the 19/11/2021

The underwater trail of the Lavezzi islands in Bonifacio

Discover an underwater universe of remarkable plant and animal life!

Crédit photo Corse Matin Crédit photo Corse Matin
Once you get to the International Marine Reserve at the Lavezzi islands, all you need are flippers, tube and snorkelling mask to discover an underwater universe of remarkable plant and animal life. Studied extensively by the scientific community, this heritage site has, since 1982, sheltered a variety of sea life species.

The inhabitants of this exotic world are not afraid of man and so divers along this exceptional route will find that they have company in the form of the curious silver bream, rainbow wrasse and black tail.

From the beach at Achiarina, visitors take the plunge in a convivial and friendly ambiance and the underwater visit, accessible to everyone above the age of 8, takes roughly 45 minutes. Each group is made up of five people and booking is essential.

For more information contact the tourist office on 04. 95. 73. 11. 88.

The Plus: An intimate visit to the Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve which is fully organised and secure.  

Source : Corse Matin, les 100 coups de cœur de l'été 2012


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