By Johanna the 12/07/2018

A horse-riding tour in the Ortolo valley

© ATC Sylvain Alessandri © ATC Sylvain Alessandri
Take a ride through the vineyards or the maquis, pausing at a farm to learn about the essential oils produced in Corsica.

The weather was good in November for our ride through the Ortolo valley near Sartène. Equestrian centre owner Fleur introduced me to her four-legged friends, Ocana, Fiama and Sparrow, beautiful Corsican horses, squat, wearing little clogs to cope with the scrubland! Fleur’s gorgeous Cursini dogs were eager to come for the walk too.

Once the helmet and boots were on, we set off, first crossing a river, then heading towards a farm where lambs had just born. 

Le niveau de la rivière est bas, et pour cause il n’a pas beaucoup plu cet automne. Je me dis que c’est tant mieux, je garderai mes pieds au sec !

When we arrived at the farm, I noticed that the horses were totally unperturbed by the shrill bleatings of the new-born lambs. The smells of the farm mingled with the smells of the maquis, the sun was warm and the pace of the horse was comforting.

Fleur told us about her region: the Omu di Cagna, the olive trees, the cheese that her friend makes, and especially the horses ... her true passion. Each horse has its own character: Fiama is stubborn, Sparrow fiery and Ocana mischievous. We enjoyed a gallop on the hill just above the farm. A perfect afternoon in the open air!


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 Fior di Lezza Equestrian Centre caters for all abilities; children aged 8 and over

€30 for an hour, €50 for two hours, €75 for a half day

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