By Mareva the 12/07/2018

A sea excursion in Corsica: Scandola Nature Reserve, Girolata, the Gulf of Porto and the Piana Calanques

Spassighjate in mare : Riserva Naturale di Scandola, Ghjirulata, golfu di Portu, calanche di Piana

Take a full day at sea to discover the famous nature reserve at Scandola, the small village of Girolata, the Gulf of Porto and the Piana Calanques.

We departed early from the Tino Rossi port in Ajaccio, on a  Naveva  hybrid boat.

The sea was calm and the weather ideal- and we headed straight for Scandola ( a classified UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site), taking a break en route to watch a pod of dolphins.

Thanks to an excellent on-board commentary, we learned about the reserve but also about Corsica's fascinating history, its geography and culture and its wildlife.

The water changed from deep blue to turquoise and we admired impressive volcanic rocks rising out of the water. The reserve is very protected, which ensures it is totally unique in the world and has exceptional biodiversity.

It's almost inaccessible and can only be visited by sea.

Visitors must be respectful of the fragility of the site in compliance with the regulations in force (for example, anchorage is prohibited on the entire reserve). 

Sadly the reserve is a victim of its success, as the increasing seasonal visitor numbers put it in danger- so it's important to RESPECT IT  !

We had lunch in the isolated village of Girolata. Renowned for being accessible only by boat or the trail of the postman,this beautiful village also forms part of the Scandola reserve.

Some restaurants here welcome tourists for lunch - but i decided to take one of the trails to enjoy a breathtaking view of Girolata with a picnic.

The clear water of the little bay called to me and I contemplated the landscape facing the sea with the village to my right, at the Genoese tower at the end of the peninsula.

We then headed in the direction of the Gulf of Porto before making for the Piana Calanques. 

J'en prends plein les yeux, entre la flore riche en espèces dont certaines endémiques, une faune remarquable et des paysages à couper le souffle. 


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