By Nathalie the 28/05/2021

An island of natural beauty

Corsica is the island of superlatives.

Little deserted creeks or vast gulfs, with over 1,000 km. of coastline; its infinite diversity of its pearly beaches borders some of the clearest waters in the world. Its center is home to the highest mountains in the Mediterranean. And everywhere the eye comes to rest, nature preserves provide peace and protection to rare fauna, and vast forests with more than 2,000 plant species.

Surprise and Authenticity

Because it is anything and everything, wild and welcoming, open and preserved, gentle and steep, voluptuous and dignified, Corsica is a unique place that generates strong emotions, real surprises, and true amazement. It is beautiful in all seasons, even when winter covers it with snow and frost…

By the sea…

The Mediterranean has drawn the contours of the island as if to satisfy visitors’ every desire: the rocky inlets of Pana, long beaches of fine sand on the Costa Serena, wild creeks in the south, the broad gulfs of Balagne and Ajaccio… In Corsica, everyone can choose “his or her own” sea for a custom vacation. 

Or on land ?

Here, you can easily start the day at the water’s edge, and then follow the little trails or by-roads into the heart of thousand-year-old forests, climb wild mountains, and dine in the cool evening air under the hundred-year-old plane trees in a tranquil village. 


To do

Any marine activity ever invented can be carried out in Corsica. It is hallowed ground for sailors who find thousands of safe harbors and good winds. It is a paradise for divers seeking grouper and coral. It has the coasts that fishermen, kayakers, surfers, kite-surfers, fun-boarders, and water skiers of all levels dream about. It has welcoming sands and calm waters… The sea is warm well into the fall, but Corsica can be discovered in any season on foot, on horseback, by bike, or by car, as a multitude of marked trails will allow visitors to wander everywhere without getting lost anywhere. 


The natural reserve at the entrance to Bonifacio, with the Lavezzi archipelago, wild islets with magical and completely barren landscapes are home to dozens of threatened species of fish. The Agriates coastline, a 40 km. stretch of protected interlacing rocks, fine virgin sand beaches, and scrubland; La Castagniccia, with its chestnut grove from which tiny glazed schist villages emerge, perched on spurs that hide secluded Romanesque

churches; Ajaccio by day, the Sanguinaire Islands in theevening, for the famous crimson sunsets; Porto and its ultramarine waters, Scandola and its palisades; the beaches of the Île Rousse and its porphyry rocks; the deep narrows of la Scala di Santa Regina and its chaotic granite piles; the natural pools of the Restonica gorges…

Short adventure vacations

Winter - Why not for Christmas? – Until April, ski or free ride snowboard on the Alta Strada (GR20 in winter) or go for a day of downhill skiing with the family. In the spring, a weekend in a cottage in the middle of the Laricci pine forest in Ghisoni. In May, discover Bastia, its procession of the Black Christ and its baroque churches. Starting in the month of June, take a first swim in the already warm waters of Porto Vecchio. In November, spend three days in Ajaccio, for the last splash of the season, or starting in December, taste freshly caught plump sea urchins. 


Further information

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