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Charming break in Alta Rocca

Get away from it all on a romantic weekend in the south of Corsica

Sud Corse_Eglise San Gavinu ©ATC Sud Corse_Eglise San Gavinu ©ATC
When I am offered a romantic weekend combining well-being, gastronomy, history and heritage, it is absolutely impossible (and pointless) to resist... Follow us on a tour to the Alta Rocca region, in the south of Corsica… On the agenda: visit to the archaeological site of Cucuruzzu and the Departmental Museum of Alta Rocca, exploring the villages of Levie and Sainte Lucie de Tallano, a night in a renowned farm and olive oil tasting, a regional specialty. All the ingredients you need for an unforgettable time and moments to be savoured.



1/Cucuruzzu, an enchanting walk


The weekend begins with a visit to Cucuruzzu, an archaeological site classified as a historical monument. The woodland area is good for walking in September, away from the crowds. It seems to be a magical place to me… A fairy or an elf could well appear out of nowhere! The shaded path through pines, olive trees and oaks is like a step back in time, millennia back, with caves, stone walls, gigantic pines, as well as the "casteddu", a kind of stone building constructed by the country folk of the time. The odours of lichen and moss mixed with those of various essences add to the wonder of the place. It is an awakening for all the senses.















To make your visit even more worthwhile :

Visit the Cucuruzzu website

A little more about the visit:

Plan for 2 hours of walking around the site and wearcomfortable shoes. Perfect for children. Shaded path. Large on-site parking.

Full price: € 4.00 
Reduced price : € 3.00 




2/Levie, a village like no other!


The journey continues with an exploration of the village of Levie, with 700 inhabitantsin winter, almost double in summer! The imposing, almost austere, stone housesof the Aiguilles de Bavella seem towatch over this unspoiled authenticvillage of Alta Rocca.


At a bend in the road we find a stone fountain, a small square bordered by mulberry trees, a vegetable garden, the old quartersthat were used for meetings in the past, and then a second-hand shop that we couldn't resist entering... The objectsset out seem to have come straight from another time: old engravings, a 60spram, porcelain crockery, rocking chairs, mirrors yellowed by time, ancestraltools and a multitude of curiosities! Jean, the owner immediately engages us inconversation "I have had so much pleasure running this shop fordecades". We hear the hint of nostalgia in his voice, but the pleasure isstill the same! The summer tourist flow having abated some, the villagersare slowly preparing for autumn toarrive. They enjoy all seasons with equal pleasure here.


Village de Levie ©ATC Village de Levie ©ATC


Fontaine en pierres ©ATC


Getting to Levie :

After Propriano, turn left towards Levie (for 36 km)

Bars, restaurants and on-site convenience store(Corsican specialties and products)

Nice, easy journey with many interesting viewpoints

Practical free parking in front of the village church

Tourist Information Point in the village


3/musée de Levie : a journey through time


End your visit to the village with an essential stop at the Departmental Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum! A modern and nice place to visit where you can learn without realising it, where history is presented in a fun way, adapted to everyone. The "highlight" of the Museum is the skeleton of the Dame de Bonifacio (Lady of Bonifacio) alias Lucie, 7500 years old! First Mesolithic testimony. This is a rather unique encounter with this very old lady since investigations carried out on her skeleton suggest that Lucie, who died somewhere between 30 and 40 years old... died from a dental abscess! Another room and another ambience that will thrill the youngest of visitors is a life-size recreation of an archaeological excavation scene, complete with shovel, wheelbarrow, brushes, bones and everything needed to titillate our imagination.





Alta Rocca Archaeology and Ethnographic Museum

04 95 78 00 78

Full price: € 4.00 
  Reduced price : € 2.50 

Audio guides available

Perfect for children (fun and educational visual animations, animal skeletons, colourful, synthetic information panels, etc.)

Temporary exhibition "Paci eterna - Tombes et Outre-Tomb" (Eternal Peace - Tombs and Beyond the Tomb) until 15 October 2021


4/Authentic character and well-being at the A PIGNATA***FARMSTEAD


To extend this fabulous day, head for the A Pignata farmstead with chestnuts and oaks as far as the eye can see, green covered mountains, the smell of the vegetation and its particularly calm and relaxing atmosphere... The welcome in reception is warm, and our room most pleasant with its tasteful decor, wooden headboard, tiled floor, walk-in shower and ultra-comfortable bedding. Right next door is the heated swimming pool, XXL deckchairs and the hammam, a welcome sight to us! With a view of the mountains we take a dip to relax our muscles after our packed day, after which we head for the restaurant.


Here again we encounter a cosy atmosphere with delightfully dressed tables, soft diffused hanging lighting, old objects arranged around the place and lots of natural materials such as wood and stone. So on to dinner: typical Corsican dishes made with fresh products from the farm and garden of the owners, the De Rocca Serra brothers, including cold meats, farm soup, lamb preserve, white beans in sauce, cannelloni, sweet fritters, cheeses… Everything here is homemade and it shows. It leaves everyone delighted and amazed, the guests enjoying every morsel of the house specialties. Jean Baptiste and Antoine De Rocca Serra care for their visitors with professionalism and consideration. A word for everyone, and always the desire to make sure all feel welcome. After dinner we return to our nest for a well-deserved rest.


After a good night's sleep, the morning's backdrop is totally different from the day before… The sun illuminating the nature all around us, the birds singing and A Pignata slowly waking up. Everything is ready in the breakfast room: hot drinks, homemade cakes, pancakes, scrambled eggs, cereals, pastries, panzetta and toast!! A gargantuan gamut of flavours in the most beautiful setting… The temperature is still very mild in September, so we enjoy our breakfast on the outdoor terrace, looking towards the Alta Rocca mountains. We head out with a light heart and many treasured memories.  We will be back for sure!






Reserve your stay with just a click ! 

Ferme Auberge A Pignata

Cucuruzzu archaeological sites route

20170 LEVIE

Tel : 04 95 78 41 90


5/ A GOURMET STOP IN Sainte Lucie de Tallano

A few kilometres from Levie we come across Sainte Lucie de Tallano, a warm, friendly and lively village.  The atmosphere is set near the fountain in the plane tree lined plaza, where passing tourists and villagers chat over a drink! We decide to indulge in these moments of bonhomie set to the rhythm of the gurgling fountain. Our eyes are drawn to the colourful and informative tourist plaques, through which we discover useful information on crafts, history, heritage and gastronomy.



As dedicated epicureans, it is the olive oil that catches our attention. How can you resist sampling this culinary treasure of Alta Rocca in the shop of a village producer? The walk to the shop is a real pleasure, passing pretty stone houses along cobbled streets, flowers and plants adding a touch of colour, bed linens drying in the windows and the still warm autumnal sun flooding the summer terraces still decked out and waiting... 


On arrival in the small shop, we discover a festival of colours and odours to assail us: green olives, black olives, tapenade, toast especially for sampling the oil, an olfactory journey through Corsica's land of yellow gold! Jacques explains to us his passion for this small fruit and his love for his hundred-year-old orchards. The profession of olive grower brings with it a lifetime of happiness.  Two types of olive oils are presented to us: Fruity and sweet.  The first is strong in taste, a festival of flavour to pair with salads or cheeses. The second stands out when combined with heat, during cooking, or associated with certain foods such as cucumber or pepper. Exquisite flavours that party in the mouth bring this romantic getaway in Alta Rocca to an end!










  • Things to see in Sainte Lucie de Tallano :

-The Saint François Convent  founded in 1492 and listed as a Historic Monument which overlooks the village

- Arts and crafts shops ( cutlers, ironworkers ...) 

-Food shops

- Authentic oil mills still in operation


Plan your stay with the Alta Rocca Tourist Office - Côte des Nacres  and discover the highlights of the region

Follow Felicità, your virtual guide for amazing adventures in the area!  Visits, encounters, gastronomy ... You are on holiday already!


Alta Rocca Tourist Office  - Côte des Nacres

Rue Sorba - BP 07

20170 LEVIE

04 95 78 47 93







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