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Conversation with Joseph Antoine Salviani, Aghja Suttana Estate in Santa Lucia di Mercuriu

A lifelong commitment to safeguarding ancestral heritage

Joseph Antoine Salviani ©JM Joseph Antoine Salviani ©JM
The Aghja Suttana Estate is located in the area of Centre Corse, in Sainte Lucie de Mercuriu in the region of Boziu, and 15 km from Corte. It is a family estate where the childhood memories of Joseph Antoine Salviani have been revived. Brimming with ancestral objects that rekindle the soul of past generations, over the years it has become a place that Joseph Antoine has yearned to share with visitors who have a love for Corsica. The master of the estate loves revealing its treasures, including the main house transformed into lodges, the furnished pagliaghji (basic stone shelters), the crêperie and the fine products it offers, as well as the ecomuseum retracing the history of Boziu. Guided tour of the estate...

How would you define the Aghja Suttana Estate? 


The Aghja Suttana Estate is first and foremost a family home. Two uncles and an aunt gave me a taste for work and respect for the land. Aghja Suttana is still today a place to live, to discuss and to meet.


What type of people do you mainly receive?


People from all walks of life come to visit us. Tourists from all over the world, people from the village, the canton, friends...They all share a taste for good things and respect the nature around us. We welcome families, couples, and even single people who come to recharge their batteries in these harrowing times of COVID. 

In addition to your profession as a literature teacher, you are also a painter and a writer. What are the highlights of a summer at Aghja Suttana? What can you say about the events you organise?


Offering visitors exhibitions and signing sessions to promote art and literature, two of my inspiring passions, is a bit of a risk in a region that is somewhat overlooked by tourists...After 3 "test" years, today we can say that the results are positive and exceed our expectations! My companion is an essential driving force. She has understood the spirit of the place, taken it in and contributed greatly to its development.


The region of Boziu, your place of childhood, is known in particular for its frescoed chapels and as the cradle of the Paghjella... What other reasons are there to spend your holidays there? What are the absolutely must-see points of interest?


Above all, Boziu is a land where our ancestors built villages of undisputed charm with what little they had, such as Tralonca on its rocky outcrop, Castellare and its remarkably preserved stone houses, Sermanu and its 15th century chapel, Sant'Andria and its church, and Alandu with its convent...The Boziu is also defined by the men and women who enrich their lives through various projects, for example, the creation of hiking trails, quality restaurants, unusual accommodation, delicatessen products, etc... 



You have brought about a small revolution in Aghja Suttana with your multitude of discoveries available to those who walk through your door… we want to hear all about it!


We offer eclectic and unusual accommodation (furnished pagliaghji, camping, gîtes), a place of culture with an eco-museum dedicated to the history of Boziu, a free library open to all as well as a crêperie where the products offered come exclusively from local producers...we can therefore say that the Aghja Suttana Estate is unique in Corsica.


You are committed to clean, responsible and well-considered tourism. What specific actions are taken on the Estate?

The actions are diverse and varied: eco-designed Corsican breakfast limiting waste and packaging, ban on single-use plastic, use of solar energy, bulk purchases and use of glass containers, use of fine materials for furniture such as wood, iron or stone.


I know that you have a thousand projects in the pipeline for 2022... Can you tell us a little more? 


There are many projects, but the core essential remains the sustainability of the estate. An exhibition will take place in 2022, and most likely also meetings themed around poetry, writing, photography and painting. The best is yet to come!

©Aghjasuttana ©Aghjasuttana


©Aghjasuttana ©Aghjasuttana


©Aghjasuttana ©Aghjasuttana


©Aghjasuttana ©Aghjasuttana


An atypical night in pagliaghji from 35 Euros

Night in a lodge from 50 Euros

Camping pitch from 15 Euros

Expos in August 


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