By Mareva the 12/07/2018

Mare e Stagnu in Aleria: a walk accessible to all in eastern Corsica

Mare e stagnu in Aleria, spassighjate per tutti in Costa Urientale

Having already introduced the Mare e Stagnu beach, this time we’re going back to the Mare e Stagnu trail.
For more athletic types, there’s a marked walk close to the beach – but this particular hike is accessible to everyone, even me!

Armed with water, good shoes, a cap and plenty of motivation, my friend and I parked in front of the Paill'hot and found the trail very quickly. 

There is a useful trail map marking the start of it and we’d already taken a copy of the trail leaflet (with map, elevation, time and distance) available free from the Aleria Tourist Office. This path is also passable by mountain bike or on horseback. There are three markups of different colors (green, red and black), all circuits – the green is the shortest, taking around an hour, but we decided to follow the 8-kilometre, three-hour black route.

We walked at our own pace, following the small signposts and passing by an old WW2 bunker. We soon enjoyed a dramatic panorama of the beach before heading back towards the Genoese tower of Diana, admiring the view of the eponymous pond. Although I live nearby, I must admit that I’d never noticed how breathtaking the view is. 

Then we continued along the pond and crossed the vineyards of Clos Poggiale on the Terra Vecchia estate. 

We walked well, taking under three hours to complete the trail, which had little difference in altitude along its course (+/- 100m).

For those interested in horseback riding, I recommend the ‘U Baladinu’ stable near Aleria, from where Marie-Line offers beautiful guided treks

For the mountain bikers, the Corsican Mountain Bike Championship takes place in Mare e Stagnu and is open to all.


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The Mare e Stagnu beach and pond

Clos Poggiale / Terra Vecchia Estate



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