By Johanna the 12/09/2018

Meet Laurent Bellini, artisan knife-maker

Laurent Bellini, artisan knife-maker, tells us about his job

Tell us about your brand ‘LB’ Laurent Bellini.

My creations come from a marriage of tradition and modernism, and are the natural evolution of culture. All models of the LB brand are registered.

How has Corsica inspired your creations?

I create knives directly from the Corsican and Mediterranean agro-pastoral civilization, but also contemporary creations that are a current interpretation of the knives of our ancestors. The knife was formerly a tool, before being raised to the rank of art object.

And a few words to sum up the Creazione festival in which you’ve recently taken part?

This festival is an engine that draws Corsican creation to the top. The venue and choice of exhibitors are very interesting.





Coutellerie de la Gravona

Petricanti, 20172 Vero