By Johanna the 04/10/2022

Meeting with Jean Dominique Le Meur, creative watchmaker in Solenzara

Swiss precision meets the Corsican soul

Want to know more about the l’art de vivre of Corsica? In June 2022, during the Creazione Festival in Bastia, dedicated to fashion and design. we went backstage at the workshop of Jean Dominique Le Meur, a creative young watchmaker. His studies led him from Montesoru High School in Bastia to Besançon via Switzerland, and three years ago he created his own watch brand. Proud to follow his passion in his native village in Corsica, he creates "meaningful" watches - with a Swiss movement, but a Corsican soul. We wanted to know more about this unusual craftsman, so we headed to his workshop-boutique in Solenzara, Côte des Nacres. It’s here that he creates every piece, from the initial drawing to a 3D model, then prototype and production.


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