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Enjoy spectacular canyoning in Costa Verde

The fresh and vigorous waters of the Costa Verde

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On the slopes of San Nicolao, amateurs can practice canyoning in an uncrowded location that’s a far cry from sites which sometimes get very busy during the summer season. Follow a guide and trace paths carved into the rock by water. Far from the beaten track, these canyons are a sensational part of authentic Corsica

Canyoning in Costa Verde is one of the flagship activities of the territory thanks to San Nicolao-based Canyon'Isula which is managed by Nicolas Sisson, a ‘barjot’ of the discipline!


Nicolas Sisson is renowned in Murianincu, Costa Verde and far beyond, for his talents as a mountain guide. But that's not all he’s known for. He is also known for his passionate polyphonic singing and as a member of the group A Ricuccata. Others know him as the ‘son’ of Thibaut and Aline Prat-Sisson, the artists-artisans of Pratu pottery in Moriani-Plage. It’s in this mix of subtlety and creativity that Nicolas has forged his calm, meticulous character, and a quiet authority.

These traits have helped Nicolas to manage and master the Canyon'Isola activities in the cool waters of the Costa Verde. This Corsica Canyon classified sports activity is an ideal way to enjoy a swim in the special waters while admiring the wild scenery and sensational views over the sea.  

Jumping, tobogganing, downclimbing, abseiling and zip lining experiences provide a thrill whilst you’re able to discover landscapes and nature that simply can’t be found by other means. Under the leadership of Nicolas Sisson, head to the reception at the Canyon base at Moriani-Plage to collect your equipment and receive instructions about the course and one of the most beautiful landmarks in the region: the waterfall of Ucellulina .

Nicolas says: “This steep canyon is a little jewel carved by nature which gives its name to the river U Buccatoghju. There are several abseiling descents available and jumps of 2 to 5 metres although they aren’t mandatory.”

These types of experiences are reserved for more athletic visitors or those who are experienced in the field of canyoning. Those who are less experienced can still enjoy the thrills of canyoning: The Bucca family discovery formula (from 10 years old), Bucca discovery sports and Bucca sensations (both from 13 years old). There’s something to suit everyone’s spirit of adventure!


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Another leisure sports activity popular in the region is cycling. With the Cyclo Casinca Costa Verde you will follow a route which crisscrosses mountain bike paths and from the bridge, follows the path of the courageous canyoners! Pause before taking to the roads that lead to the interior to marvel at the majestic panorama which encompasses the ever-present duality of the sea and mountain glories of the region.


A wide-angle orientation table

Not far from the Ucelluline waterfall and its water-carved channels, don’t miss the orientation table painted on sandstone which gives a wide-angle panorama of the Costa Verde. It reads: Anchored in the legend of the archipelagos, rich in history and culture, the Costa Verde opens up like a great fan to the world.


Leisure events

Nicolas Sisson relies on the leisure events organized every Monday morning at the initiative of the Costa Verde Tourist Office in the gardens of the Community of Municipalities. He participates with relish while presenting his business: “We really appreciate the chance for such direct contact and exchanges. Sometimes it stirs up curiosity. It is an important showcase for us.




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