By Anne the 09/12/2022

Share a bath in Caldanelle

Make like the Romans, have a glass of wine in the baths

About an hour’s walk from Vico, you’ll reach the restored baths of Caldanelle which are open to visitors. Cosy up in a warm bath and indulge in a glass of Corsican wine. Rejuvenating and restorative, the waters benefit mind and body as you share this convivial moment. It’s a great way to discover one of the island’s forgotten treasures - the thermal waters.

Walk in the middle of nature to heal the body and spirit.

It takes ten thousand years for the tumultuous, gushing and hot waters of Caldanelle to come back to us. The water makes its way underground for centuries before rising in the open air close to the village of Vico. The benefits of the water to relieve skin problems was discovered during the Roman period. Because the water flows underground, its year-round temperature remains at 34 degrees. Loaded with sulphur, it develops a beneficial bacterium, a unique element of this spring and to the other springs which bubble up close by.

Pretty much forgotten after the war, the site fell into ruin as did the local hotel where those taking the spa water cures once stayed.

 Most guests stayed for around 20 days, providing sufficient time to treat their maladies. Though no longer sought out for its curative properties, the site has been rediscovered, cleared and partially rebuilt and now welcomes visitors.  

It’s a place that is worthy of a visit. To enjoy the waters of Caldanelle is an involved process. To reach this spiritual hideaway, you must walk three kilometres to reach the building. Throughout the year, the owners Antonia and Andrea offer an hour of bathing complemented by a local aperitif tasting in the shade of willow trees, short tours and a visit to the pottery. 

The sound of the Sagone river flowing about ten meters away is soothing, disturbed only by the tinkling of bells worn by sheep grazing nearby. In this land full of family history, they share their expertise and the discovery of their olive farm along the path. Then dive into those warm waters and sip from a chilled glass of wine. Though the roof and floors have been renovated, the ancient walls are unchanged, and an unrestored open window lets in all the surrounding sounds of the countryside.

A toasty stove means you can even enjoy the baths on the coldest days of the year. On one side of the room, water overflows to the river through a small channel carved in the stone. You can see the white deposits forming from the mysterious substance that thrives in the water.


The memory of this place has been passed down through generations of those who came to fill their bottles with its special water so that they could enjoy the benefits at home. They would fill their containers directly from the fountain next to the building which covers the baths. Today there is only pool available, formerly it was reserved for women, but the second pool is nearing restoration.

The baths of Caldanelle offer an authentic experience in a place that has a rich history which endures thanks to the love of Antonia and Andrea for this place, and the curiosity of visitors who seek it out. Discover this unique piece of history, recharge your batteries and spend a moment to appreciate that the key to living well is to share.


Couvent of Saint-François


In the village of Vico, there is a convent dating from the 15th century which houses treasures classified as historical monuments, including the largest polychrome wood crucifix in Corsica. The convent is now inhabited by the Missionnaires Oblats de Marie Immaculée. The convent of Saint-François is one of the island's secret wonders that deserves to be more well known. Between modernity and respect for tradition, the building with its original shape is full of surprises and remains open to visitors all year round.


Local products

The microregion of Cinarca is brimming with craftsmen and producers offering quality products. Discover pottery workshops, cutlery, jewellery local products. There are many places find out more about the local artisans. These professionals are very happy to welcome you to enjoy a moment of friendship.


Abandoned villages


Not far from Vico there are villages, and remains of buildings that have been abandoned by inhabitants who left for bigger villages that offered a higher quality of life and better amenities. The hamlets of Muna and Tassu were never updated and over the time, the residents left, leaving behind them the alleys, houses, fountains and wash houses.  Discovering these sites is like a journey through time.




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