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The church of Carchetu d'Orezza, jewel of Castagniccia

A bell tower above the chestnut trees

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The superbly preserved church of Santa Margherita is a pure baroque jewel of the Castagniccia. Its presence dominates the source of the waters of Orezza and opens onto a thousand paths of authentic Corsica.

Carchetu d'Orezza – the mythical Mal Cunciliu (chestnut tree), waterfalls, and church of Santa Margherita, make this a place which is both strange and enchanting to visitors well beyond the summer season.


The landmark slender bell tower can be seen from far away, its majestic point pierces the sky above a carpet of green countryside. It seems to say ‘follow the guide’... and it is well worth taking a small detour to discover this beauty. The church of Santa Margherita di Carchetu is one of the most visited monuments in the Orezza Valley and acts as a beacon for many other must-see sights of the region.


Off the beaten track, Carchetu has made a name for itself. The locals are known for their warm welcome, there are exceptional natural riches, and the local council, managed by Émilie Albertini, is actively involved in its future. In the heart of the village, the Santa Margherita church is fascinating with its imposing presence and an extraordinary architectural charm. Visits to this wonderful building are free and bilingual panels highlighting the history of the building will soon be installed, making the visit even more special.  

Lesia Rogliano, president of the association of the church, provides some fascinating facts:

Classified as a historical monument in 1976, the church of Santa Margherita was mentioned by a Monsignor Mascardi in 1589, proof of its existence many centuries ago, though then its form was of the Romanesque style. Later it was transformed to the baroque style. It is unusual in that due to a lack of funding, it has not undergone too many transformations after the 18th century. Its façade displays all the pomp and theatricality of the Baroque style. Adorned by tall columns, volutes, flat pilasters, bolt holes, a large window, four empty niches, a small altar above the door, and a curving pediment, the whole look guides the gaze skywards. Its three-level façade is a very rare thing in Corsica as is the absence of smoothed plaster, which was only discovered during its restoration in the 1990s. Its imposing mass and its monumental door on a biblical scale in this small village, all serves to prove the devotion of its inhabitants.

The openwork bell tower completes the decor and reminds us that the building, built facing the valley, regulated the life of the community. The power of the Catholic Church had, above all to be seen and heard from afar.”

 It is an excellent example of this style of architecture.


The Acqua d'Orezza sparkles close by

Just a few kilometres separate Carchetu from the waters of Orezza in the commune of Rapaghju. Don’t miss the chance to discover its iconic fountain and taste the natural mineral water.



Chez Armand, a treat

A feast for the senses as well as your taste buds! With a friendly welcome, Christophe and his daughters Livia, Catalì and Nanni will take good care of you. This is a must-see, authentic restaurant which is proud of its Castagniccian heritage. Reserve a table at:


In Struccia, take a refreshing break

Follow the signposted path from the square of St. Margaret's Church. A short and pleasant walk will bring you to the waterfall of A Struccia. Experience the exceptional freshness of this famous green palace of Orezza and marvel at your surroundings.





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