By Nathalie the 12/02/2013

22- What outdoor sports are on offer in Corsica?

In addition to water sports (see question 27) and hiking (see question 25), Corsica’s mountains and rivers are perfect for certain outdoor sports which for the most part are supervised by professional instructors. The following is a list of the main outdoor pursuits on offer in Corsica:

 Horse trekking (all year round): 
Corsica has 1,000km of bridleways suitable for horse trekking both along the coast and in the mountains. Horse-riders can head off on supervised treks ranging in length from a single day to several days organised by numerous equestrian centres and specialist companies on the island. Discover the Désert des Agriates and Cap Corse via their old mule tracks, or enjoy a ride along the beaches in and around Porticcio or Propriano. In Corsica, horse riding is also an excellent way of reaching mountainous sites that are inaccessible by car, particularly in the Alta Rocca region and routes heading out of Corte.

• White water sports (from February/March to November): 
With 1,375km of water courses, including 80 rivers and mountain streams suitable for white water sports, Corsica’s mountains are a wonderful playground for canoeing, kayaking, rafting and white water swimming enthusiasts (from April to mid-July) and above all canyoning (mid-April to October), for which numerous companies offer their services. Numerous activities take place around Corte (Asco, Restonica, Tavignano gorges etc), from the village of Bocognano (Richiusa canyon), as well as from the south-west of the island, where the hinterland of the Golfe de Valinco (Propriano area) and the Bavella region are home to a number of excellent canoeing and kayaking sites (Taravo, Vacca and Rizzanèse valleys).

• Cycle touring and mountain biking (all year round): 
The island’s forest trails and quiet narrow lanes are ideal for easy rides and more challenging adventures for mountain bikers. Cycle tourists will enjoy the 1,000km Tour of Corsica and the 1,500km Summits Trek set up by the French Cycle Touring Federation

• Climbing 
From limestone cliffs to granite walls and coastal rock formations, Corsica boasts a multitude of climbing sites. The Bavella range alone (to the south-east of the island) is home to 170 climbing routes. The Manicella via ferrata above the Gorges de l’Asco is also a popular site, offering year-round supervision and tuition. A valley close to Corte is also an excellent mountaineering site. Several via ferrata have recently been opened in a number of different regions around Corsica.

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