By Nathalie the 14/02/2013

26 - What other activities are available in the mountains?

First of all you must take a dip in what remains one of the best-kept secrets on the island… the natural and invigorating pools, streams and waterfalls (with a water temperature of 15-17°C in summer) which provide such a pleasant and refreshing break during a mountain walk. Corsica is the Mediterranean island with the most rivers, streams etc (1,375km) which can be found throughout its mountain regions.

An activity popular with the inhabitants of the island’s hilltop and mountain villages, wild boar hunting (in the autumn) is carried out in groups according to a strict set of rules. Big and small game hunting is also available in two hunting reserves on the island (the Domaine de Chasse de Piaggiola and the Ortolo valley). River fishing (brown trout, eel) is also offered by several local companies.

When winter arrives and the island’s peaks are covered in snow, it’s time to put on your snowshoes, sign up for an escorted trek (December to April) or dust off your skis – Corsica has several downhill and cross-county runs. Nothing to compare with the Alps but fun and original!

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