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Hiking and the mountains

All paths take you to the heart of an authentic land

To say that the island is full of opportunities for walks and hikes is an understatement.

There’s the famous GR20, whose reputation stretches well beyond Corsica; small paths that lead from one village to another; and crowded beaches interspersed with coves where only the sound of waves and wind can be heard. The possibilities for exploring the island are innumerable. They’re all different too – and each more beautiful than the last. Sometimes the walks take you through old villages, which although abandoned, have retained their mysterious charm. On other trails, you’ll have to be patient to catch a glimpse of wild animals. Think of the mouflons that live in Asco and Bavella – following their path will make you feel as though you’ve travelled to several countries in just a few hours.

Whether you decide to tackle the Mare a Mare (coast to coast) walk, or prefer to make your way through Corsica’s highest peaks, the natural landscapes of the island will take your breath away. And if you already know them, don’t worry: they will surprise you again.



Considered one of the most beautiful treks in the world, the GR20 is highly prized by keen hikers. Its high trail crosses Corsica from north to south, stretching for 180km, and can be done in 16 days (one stage per day) with an average of 7 hours’ walking on each.

This very challenging route is reserved for experienced hikers in with good physical stamina. Its Alpine character, considerable changes in altitude and technical passages make it one of the most difficult altitude trails in Europe.

In its northern section in particular, the GR20 crosses the Cintu and Ritondu massifs by a series of rocky passages that challenge hikers. In general, weather-related hazards should not be underestimated, even during the summer months: there is always a possibility of severe and unpredictable thunderstorms, resulting in severe floods and marked thermal amplitudes.

The GR20 is passable in good conditions from June to mid-October. The rest of the year, it is often snow-covered on its highest part. Where it crosses ski routes, known as ‘Alta Strada’, it is only passable by experienced skiers. Will you have a go at conquering the “roof of Corsica” at 2,710 metres? Monte Cinto is ready to welcome you. Continue to admire the rocky mountains of the north of the island before heading to the southern peaks. Cross the Bavella massif and discover the ‘Trou de la Bombe’, a vast natural excavation carved out of a granite wall, take in the stunning Capitello lake, and reach the summit of Monte Incudine.

For those who enjoy running, spring is the ideal season. Sign up for the ‘Cortenaise stride’ or the slightly later Corsica Raid Aventure, with its varied sea and mountain disciplines. Stroll along the ‘Mare a Mare’ trails that stretch from Porto-Vecchio to Propriano at the heart of the Alta Rocca. This is a real dive into the bowels of Corsica, with an ever-present azure sea to admire. Finally, start the ‘Mare e Monti’ experience that connects Calenzana to Cargèse – and the island roots will hold no more secrets.

After these intense efforts, enjoy a few hours of rest in our comfortable stone refuges, and enjoy the joys of fresh water.



Blessed with a breathtaking 1,000-kilometre coastline, Corsica ranks among the most beautiful destinations in France for seaside activities.

You will appreciate the long walks on the beaches of Erbalunga. En route, make a stop at the small fishing port of the village, classified as a historical monument. You can also explore the coastal path from Macinaggio to Centuri, France’s primary port for lobster fishing, with a breathtaking panorama of the sea.

And a note for cinema lovers: don’t miss Saleccia beach, a short distance from Saint-Florent. This was the setting for one of the most famous scenes in the history of the big screen: the reconstruction of the landing in The Longest Day. Corsica brings together all landscapes – even those of Normandy! And the biggest Hollywood producers have been quite right – the island is a land of dreams, conducive to the magic of cinema.

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