By Antoine the 14/01/2019

Horseback riding in Corsica

Discover the most beautiful horseback rides on the island!

Are you an experienced rider with many gallops under your belt, or a beginner simply wanting to explore Corsica’s beauty on horseback? The island has many equestrian centres that offer all the best equestrian rides accompanied by passionate guides. Browse our  directory  of equestrain service providers-and get in the saddle !


-        Arbo Valley Equestrian Farm

Leaving Ile-Rousse, you cross a dirt track on your right, which goes into the maquis for several kilometres. You walk through the Parc de Saleccia and quickly, between the olive trees and the oaks, you see the first horses. In summer, they go down to their grazing quarters – and you head out with them from the sea to Ostriconi. The Arbo Valley horses are mostly Anglo-Arab and Corsican breeds. Ten ponies also live at the heart of this beautiful landscape, which will delight children. Most are born locally.

-          Ajaccio Horse Riding

This centre offers classes, introductory sessions and competitions – you can also book rides for an hour or a half-day, either in the forest or on the beach. In addition, sea ‘baptism’ rides are possible for riders aged two and over.

-           Propriano Pony Club Riding School

For your children, the Propriano Pony Club offers an introduction to horse riding for those aged 4 to 12. For adults, the equestrian centre provides obstacle training courses, cross training and equestrian training.

-          Croccano Equestrian Estate

Located near Sartène, this centre of high-end recreational horse riding offers hacks for all abilities by the hour or the day. You can also book one-week seminars and stay in guest rooms on site.

-          Molini- Porticcio Stables

This equestrian centre offers hacks and horseback riding between sea and maquis, for sessions of 1-3 hours or a full day. You can also try an endurance training course.

-          FAE Equiloisirs (Centre Corse)

Located in Poggio-di-Venaco, FAE Equiloisirs offers water excursions, discovery days, courses and sea ‘baptism’ rides as well as more advanced activities, in the region of Corte (central Corsica).

-          Ranch Evasion – Prunelli di Fiumorbo

In eastern Corsica, Ranch Evasion offers guided horseback rides at the water’s edge in summer, and in Prunelli di Fiumorbo in winter. Equestrian hikes between sea, maquis and mountain for all abilities from 11 years old. Little ones can sign up for pony rides with picnics, courses and equestrian games.

-          Haute-Corse Riding Course

Do you want to explore the Étang de Biguglia or Marana beach on horseback? Situated in Furiani near Bastia, this riding school offers hacks by the hour or by the day.

-          Ranch San Diego

Visiting southern Corsica? Come and explore the wonders of this area on horseback! This centre offers rides along the beach, through the maquis and around friendly bivouacs. Ideal for family outings. You can book treks from 3 to 6 days, suitable for all abilities.






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