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Top 10 hikes to do with the family

Corsica, the perfect place for hiking! Discover a small selection of hikes of varying degrees of difficulty to do with the family. Note, all walks require good physical condition, so train beforehand, note the weather forecast and enjoy the great outdoors!

1 Lac de Nino - Centre Corse


Lac de Nino is nestled in the centre of Corsica in the Regional Natural Park, in the heart of the Niolu Valley. The start of the hike is between the village of Albertacce and Castellu di Vergio. This hike is known and recognised for its strong heritage and landscape value (Lariccio pine forest in particular) but also for the fragility of its ecosystem (unique flora). Lac de Nino is surrounded by pozzine, thick grassy lawns punctuated by small water holes, which give the landscape an unusual and mysterious look.  If you are lucky, you will get to see wild horses, pigs or cows at the edge of the lake. A hike for the whole family, however, make sure children are old enough and in good physical condition!

Start of the hike: Poppaghia Forest House - Albertacce

Elevation and duration: 720 m and 4-6 hours of walking depending on the fitness level and the age of the walkers

WARNING: Follow the yellow markings. Just before arriving at the lake be careful when crossing scree. Do not feed the animals, even if it is very tempting

Season: Spring - summer 


2 Bocca di Guagnerole, on the GR 20 - Centre Corse


This hike follows part of the GR20. You will find yourself in a mineral, almost lunar backdrop with reddish colours. Along the way you will see the mountain Capu Tafunatu in the distance, also called “devil's hole”, which according to legend was pierced by the devil throwing his hammer. When you get to the pass you can see the Iles sanguinaires!

Start of the hike: Col de Vergio

Elevation and duration: 420 m ascent and 2-3 hours of walking

WARNING: Trail sometimes a bit rocky but without particular difficulty

Season: Spring - summer 


3 Lac de Melu - Centre Corsica


Lac de Melu sits at an altitude of 1711 m, in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. A hike highlighted by very beautiful views throughout the ascent. After a 1km walk there is a chance to quench your thirst at "chez Felix". 

Start of the hike: Bergeries des Grotelle, at the end of the D623, narrow road winding along the Restonica Valley

Elevation and duration: 730 m and 2-3 hours of walking

WARNING: Rocky passage, snow present in July, paid parking at the end of the road, swimming in the lake prohibited

Season: Spring - summer 


4 La Cascade des anglais - Celavu Prunelli


This is a very easy hike to do with kids. The walk goes between the pines, along a river and many waterfalls and natural pools in which you can bathe.

Departure: Monte d'Oro half an hour south of Corte

Elevation and duration: 400 m and 3 hours of walking

DIFFICULTIES: None, it is the Corsican family hike par excellence!

Season: All year round


5 Buccatoghju - Castagniccia Mare Monti loop


This small 5.8km family loop allows you to combine culture, nature, and fresh water swimming! In the village visit the church of Santa Maria, and also the San Pancraziu chapel further along. On your way back down to the plain, enjoy a stroll along the Buccatoghju river and take in the view of the restored Genoese bridge just before returning.

Departure: Piévanie car park - Santa Maria Poghju (plain)

Elevation and duration: 315 m and 2h15 of walking

Difficulties: None

Season: All year round 


6 Lac de Bastani - Fium'Orbu Castellu


Another lake! Lac de Bastani is located at the foot of Punta Bacinello, facing Monte Rinosu (2,352 m), and is one of the highest lakes in Corsica (2,092 m). Very wild landscape with a high mountain feeling.

Departure: Bergeries de Capanelle after the village of Ghisoni

Elevation and duration: 510 m ascent and 3 hours of walking

Difficulties: None 

Season: Spring - summer 


7 Family walk in Canaglia - Centre Corse


A hike that is more of a walk! Departure is from the village of Canaglia, following a path lined with pines. The walk follows the Manganellu river, one of the most beautiful rivers in Corsica, and which offers many possibilities for swimming and resting Departure: Canaglia

Elevation and duration: None, duration is whatever you want it to be! 

Difficulties: None 

Season: All year round


8 Capo di Feno via the Sentier des Douaniers - Pays d'Ajaccio


Starting from the Parata peninsula, via the Douaniers footpath, you come to the beaches of the Capo di Feno bay, i.e. around 3 hours of round trip walking. Swimming at Grand Capo beach and Petit Capo beach.

Season: All year round 


9 The Genoese Tower of Isolella - Pays d'Ajaccio


Very easy little hike: 500 m jaunt to reach the Genoese tower of Isolella on the peninsula of Isolella, near the Punta di Sette Nave, with beautiful views over the Gulf of Ajaccio.

Season: All year round 


10 Lama Heritage Trail – Balagne


Departure from the church square in Lama. Explore the built and historical heritage of the village. The marked visit takes 2 hours. Water point to cool off with the children

Season: All year round


Check the weather conditions the day before (including on sunny days, especially when alongside a waterway)

Set off with enough water and energy food (dried fruits, etc.)

Take good shoes and warm clothes

Make sure you take a charged mobile phone

Follow the advice of mountain services if necessary

Consult the Corsican Tourist Office websites for more information on all of these hikes and family walks



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