By Nathalie the 28/05/2021

An island of passion

Come once and you will always return

For the wild beauty of its protected nature and its transparent emerald waters; … for the figatelli, the brocciu and the wine from Patrimonio; … for the dramatic polyphonies and religious festivals, the charm of its villages with their granite houses. Corsica: discover it once and love it for life.

Corsica, what else ?

There are so many people who never want to leave. Whether celebrities or ordinary people, they move here to live or keep coming back throughout the year. For a weekend, a week, sometimes longer, Corsica always has something to offer: a certain Mediterranean flavor…

Do you prefer the north or the south ?

There are those who prefer Bastia, le Cap and Saint Florent, and others who swear by the coves of Bonifacio, the pleasures of Porto Vecchio, and the bird sanctuaries of the Lavezzi islands. All are convinced they are right and anyone who can change their mind must be extremely clever.  

East coast or west coast ?

And there are also the others - those who prefer the west coast, for whom the coves of Piana, Ajaccio, and the Sanguinaire islands are beyond comparison with the rest of the island. And the devoted admirers of the immense beaches of the eastern coast, of Mount Renoso and La Castagniccia, lovers of wild and protected natural areas

To do

Whatever your heart desires and you can even change your mind in the middle of a vacation. Indulge yourself depending upon your moods and whims, because that’s also part of being on vacation. And because in Corsica there are things to do, people to see, and festivals to attend everywhere. And above all, arrive on the island with your curiosity intact and without a set agenda; bring your desire to meet the residents, to discover their soul and their talents, to share their pleasures - and why not, their concerns too. 


Music in all its forms: the Corsican polyphonies and the island’s musicians. Especially in summer, this is easy to do, as there are musical performances in many of the small villages and in the towns. The world music festivals, summer gatherings not to be missed in Pigna, guitar nights in Patrimonio, Porto al Lino in Saint Florent… the list is long. There are many cultural gatherings which promote Corsican art and culture. Film festivals…  

Short adventure vacations

In January, there is the Italian film festival in Bastia. In May, the comedy and music festival in Porticcio. In June, Tuscan Week in Porto Vecchio, with its lyrical concerts, theater performances, and craft exhibitions. In October, the Musicales in Bastia. In November, the wind festival in Calvi. In December, the chestnut fair in Bocognano with a thousand and one ways to prepare them, etc. 

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