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The multi-sensory island

On foot on some of the most beautiful marked trails in the world, by mountain bike through wild forests, on horseback with over 2,000 kilometers of trails open to riding, or diving to discover marine coral, Corsica is a land of adventure; a paradise for extreme adventure seekers. The place to be for athletes of all levels.


Sea or mountains?


On any day, you can spend time playing a beach game, fun-boarding, or spear fishing, and then choose to spend the afternoon going down one of the nearby rivers by raft or canyoning. Try out paragliding and via ferrata climbing. In Corsica, you can do anything, even winter sports: cross-country skiing, ski touring, and unforgettable snowshoeing.

Extreme adventures?


No matter where they are on the island, the most demanding athletes will leave with the feeling that they have used up all their strength, but more importantly that they followed their passion in the panoramic natural setting of Corsica. Whether diving, flying, or going down the rivers, this “mountain in the sea” is an outdoor sports paradise.


Or gentler excitement ?

To do


Depending upon your level, walk all or part of the GR 20, the hiking trail that makes us the envy of the world, crossing Corsica from North to South. Take a trip down the river, or through a forest at a trot or a gallop, or climbing a rocky wall. Even if you are not an expert in the discipline, every Corsican region offers introductory courses, lessons for beginners, endurance training, and hypertonic routes, with guides who will adapt their teaching to each person’s skill level.  


The GT 20 : the ‘great crossing’ from Capi to Bonifacio


This is the new flagship of cyclo-tourism promoted by the Corsica tourist board. With its 13 stages spread over 550km, the challenge is worth it. On a road bike, mountain bike or even an electric bike, it’s another newly emerging face of Corsica.

When the tortuous relief of the island turns into a great adventure playground, it reveals a large backbone stretching from the Capi to Bonifacio. The ‘great crossing’ is aptly named. In its wake are the subtle charms of mountain villages, a bird’s-eye view of the sea and a possible escape to the ethereal peaks of the GR20. Thrillseekers or those eager to relax and have a change of scene will be won over. Whether you’re a sportsman or a simple hedonist, the choice is vast. In a way, everyone has their own GT20. History varies the pleasures.



…the protected riches on the sea floor by diving in the Scandola reserve. …the fabulous needles of Bavella on foot. Take rides through the Niolo and its mountainous trails on a mountain bike. Visit Balagne, the Corté region, or the maritime facade of the Agriates Desert on horseback. See the spectacular panorama of Corsica from above while paragliding.

Short adventure vacations

In winter, head for the inland mountain ranges for a weekend of gliding through the powder or down the groomed slopes of the Niolo mountains. In springtime, register for the “Foulées Cortenaises” or one of the many cross-country running competitions through the mountains. As a summer preview, if you are an athlete, participate in the Corsica Raid Adventure with its varied sea and mountain disciplines, and in the fall, spend three days or more sailing along the Corsican coasts in 20° water, stopping at perfect tranquil beaches with an ideally moderate temperature

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