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A renowned terroir, and wines which have a strong identity

Currently the vineyards cover 6,200 ha, spread over 9 appellations and 2 PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) for a production of 380,000 Hl.

APPELLATIONS OF ORIGIN: There are nine. They include 111 municipalities in total, and have three levels of classification:


  • AOC Corsican wine
  • AOC Corse Village (Calvi, Muscat du Cap Corse, Porto-Vecchio, Figari, Sartène and Coteaux du Cap Corse)
  • The Crus (Ajaccio and Patrimonio).


The Ajaccio PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

The appellation area extends from the Gulf of Porto to the borders of the Sartenais, typical vineyards of the Corsican tradition where the Sciaccarellu flourishes. The red wines have exceptional ageing abilities. The Vermentinu-based whites have floral aromas.


The Patrimonio PDO

The appellation extends from Farinole to Casta, passing along the slopes of Saint Florent. The area is sheltered from the winds and exposed to the west. The wines of Patrimonio are the best known, this is also the oldest of the appellations. The limestone soils benefit from full sun and produce quality wines. The Niellucciu variety of black grapes produces powerful red wines, while Vermentinu gives whites a high aromatic quality.


The Corse Calvi PDO

Bringing together all the domains of Balagne, this is one of the oldest terroirs and produces fleshy reds, rosés and white wines of great finesse.


The Corse Coteaux du Cap Corse PDO

The vineyards are limited to small areas and produce white wines of great elegance with excellent ageing potential.  


The Corse Figari PDO

This is considered to be the oldest vineyard in Corsica, and in fact, France. The first vines appeared here as early as the sixth century BC. The vines are spread over an ancient granite plateau, a windy area where you will find typical Corsican grape varieties such as Carcaghjolu Neru. The wines (red, rosé and white) are of great finesse and well structured. 


The Corse Muscat PDO from Cap Corse

This area includes 2 appellations: Patrimonio and Coteaux du Cap Corse. It produces high quality Natural Sweet Wines (Vins Doux Naturels: VDN) based on the Muscat Petit Grain grape variety.


The Corse Porto-Vecchio PDO

The vineyards of this small city, which was founded in 383 BC, are perched on hillsides. The niellucciu/Sciaccarellu blend gives elegant, round, fruity reds. The whites from the Vermentinu are dry and very fruity.


The Corse Sartène PDO

Rich wines with strong personalities from the Corsican grape varieties Sciaccarellu, Niellucciu, Barbarossa and Vermentinu.


The Corsican Wine PDO

The appellation includes all wines from the terroirs classified AOC, except those of Patrimonio.


On the slopes of the eastern coast and in the inner valley of the Golo, lies the cradle of the traditional Corsican vineyards. The rocky ridges reach a height of 1,200 metres. The area includes a range of rich terroirs. The reds from Niellucciu are supple and balanced, the rosés with a light colour are lively, the whites based on Vermentinu are fine and balanced.

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